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Strong & Kind Bars

Finding a healthy snack bar to eat in between meals is quite the challenge. Something that doesn’t taste like cardboard but is not the same as a candy bar, either. That type of stuff is for little kids, any way, so the search is on…


No – the search is over!


Kind Snacks has hit the jackpot with their brand new Strong & Kind bar. Made from 100 percent whole ingredients like almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, pea crisps, spices and 10 grams of protein.


22 percent of each bar is protein and because its from a combination of legumes, nuts and seeds, it contains all nine essential amino acids.


The amount of protein you need depends on your activity level and weight. Most people can achieve their daily needs without the use of protein supplements. For example, a 180-pound guy who works out regularly needs about 80 grams of protein a day – any more is unused.


Why peas, you may ask? Because pea protein is an easily digestible, non-GMO source of plant-based protein delivered from peas.


Each bar has 42 percent less fat per serving compared to almonds alone.


Check out these flavors and the prices are only $37.50 for a case of 24 and $107.50 for a case of 72.


*Honey Smoked BBQ

*Roasted Jalapeno

*Honey Mustard

*Thai Sweet Chili

*Hickory Smoked


Order yours today –


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