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College Partying Scene Detrimental To Living a Fitness Lifestyle

By Angela DeRosso – Nothing stirs a fitness enthusiast more than unexpected gym closures and being forced to feast on an unidentifiable meal with anonymous components and calories. These are just two of the chief setbacks a fitness competitor faces while dorming on your standard college campus. While repulsive, enigmatic meat and a deficiency of free time are all hallmarks of the American university experience, the true tussle to maintain a fit lifestyle goes far beyond just the basics.


Even while attending an institution that flourishes on its division-one athletics, everything about college utterly repels nutrition and training. It is extremely difficult to follow a strict diet and exercise schedule when submerged in an environment where “Thirsty Thursday” takes preference over leg day. While a large portion of college students do take advantage of the on-campus gym, which closes frequently due to conferences and events, intoxication serves as the main stress coping mechanism on weekends. The dominant recreational activities on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night all orbit around hard liquor and light beer.

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Regardless of what you drink, the calories will rush into your system faster than the fizzing current gushing down the funnel. Alcohol is desolate of any nutritional value, yet delivers a mammoth amount of calories. Not only does alcohol diminish any diet plan, it parches the body of any motivation or will to carry out their workout regimen the following day. And in college, this is not a sporadic or even weekly occurrence. Alcohol is considered to be the key to fun, friends and stress management in the university setting.


With this being said, it is no surprise that along with the hangover, the common student consensus is that it was all worth it. Alcohol is a heavily emphasized aspect of college culture, an environment where serious fitness training is generally vague. To any fitness competitor or even any individual who simply takes fitness seriously, this lifestyle of late nights, exhausted bottles and drained motivation does not merge. The willpower and drive to maintain not only a diet and exercise plan, but a lifestyle that makes it a priority is a rarity on the typical college campuses. This is not only due to the cuisine and the necessity to prioritize class work, but there is an overwhelming pressure to live from weekend to weekend like the idyllic college student.

Peer pressure is very much present, but not in its classic form. Instead it feeds its victim the idea that they are not getting the most out of their college years and that they are doing it all wrong. It is much easier to form friendships and have fun if the college days are lived like this. To actually take health and fitness seriously while living on a college campus, one must want it entirely with all of its perks and inhibitions.

Angela DeRosso

Angela DeRosso

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