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Staying Fit On the Road

Business travel is a part of many people’s lives and it’s so easy to make excuses not to exercise and eat like shit while you’re away. No one will tell you it’s easy to find decent food and a place to train on the road but before you blow it off, here’s a few tips on how you can maintain while lugging the suitcase around a busy airport.


Years ago, you had to rely on the Yellow Pages to find businesses and only had access to your local edition. Google has become the world’s Yellow Pages and will make this a very doable task if you bother to put a few minutes into it.



The worst of the worst and expensive, to boot. But a quick perusal of that airport’s website will show you exactly what restaurants are there and where they are located. So if you must grab a meal either leaving or returning, see what is available and make the best of it.


A safe meal – and delicious one, too – that can be found at most major airports is from a Chinese place. (Philly has a great one, by the way.) Grilled Teriyaki chicken with rice (hopefully brown is available) with a bottle of water is under $10 and nutritious.


Even if there was nothing like that around and your only choice was McDonald’s (perhaps the worst place for people trying to eat healthy), a grilled Caesar salad wrap will get you through without blowing all of that hard work you have been doing in the gym.

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Certainly not to be mistaken for the East Coast Mecca, your average hotel gym is better than nothing and even a few sets with the dumbbells and a cardio session on the treadmill will give you a sweat. Do some crunches and push-ups in your room if that makes you fell better, too.


Better yet, scout out the area for a legit place and speak to the gym manager about a two or three-day rate while you’re in town, time permitting, of course. This should also be part of your pre-trip Google searches.




Instead of choosing the cheeseburger deluxe and a tall one, opt for some chicken or a steak and a water. Well, maybe a few cold ones the last night in town.




You may not have the option of a refrigerator in your hotel room, but if you do, grab a quart of skim milk at the local grocery store and pack a few baggies of protein powder and a mixing cup.


Certainly bring along some protein bars to eat while those daylong conferences are dragging along, too. And any supps that you usually take that are in pill form are easy to throw in your bag.

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