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How To Make the Rest-Pause Training Method Work For You

Here is an interesting alternative to try in the gym to mix things up a little more and breathe some much-needed new life into that same old workout routine. It’s called the ‘rest-pause training method’ and is best done on the days where you have a little extra energy.


Although you can do this method with any body part and/or exercise, our suggestion would be to phase it in during an isolation movement rather than a compound one. First of all, you will not be able to lift the same amount of weight by doing this and it will give you an insane pump, anyway.

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So let’s use dumbbell lateral raises as an example. Grab a weight that you would probably use in your first working set and handle for 12-to15 strict reps. Bang out a solid set of 10 reps and place the weights back on the rack or the ground. Rest approximately 15 seconds and pick them back up, this time doing it until failure. Now that may be 10 more reps or possibly more or less. You know what you can accomplish.


Place them back down and give it another 15 seconds rest. Now go for set number three using the same mentality as the second.

You can do more than three total sets but you will probably feel taxed by this time. So it’s also a good idea to do rest-pause towards the end of your workout.

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