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NFL Training Camp – The Players’ Perspective

With a sport as brutal as football, conditioning is a vital aspect for every player on the entire roster. From the place kicker to the defensive ends, you will not survive the marathon that is training camp, the preseason and regular season, let alone the teams that qualify for the playoffs.


Going around the league, it is interesting to hear the different ways that the various players go about preparing for what is ahead. During the offseason and beyond, players from a number of different positions go though position-specific exercises and drills, as well as your basic weightlifting and cardio-based programs.

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*BRANDON FLOWERS – CB, San Diego Chargers – “The receivers are bigger and stronger now, so I have to do a lot of vertical, explosive lifts and exercises for endurance. I also do push-ups every night, even after I hit the weight room. If I get my hands on you, I can do pretty good then.”


STEPHAN TAYLOR – RB, Arizona Cardinals – “As a running back, you need to work on your legs and balance, but also your upper body to be effective in pass protection.”

CURTIS MARSH, RB, Philadelphia Eagles – “(Boxing) improves my hand-eye coordination, fell and balance. It also helps my explosiveness to jam receivers at the line; not lunging forward but just like jabbing.”

ROBERT MATHIS – OLB/DE, Indianapolis Colts – “In the weight room, lower cleans, lunges, step ups and squats. I can’t stress enough of the importance on lower body strength. It keeps you up for the long haul.”


JUSTIN PUGH – OL, New York Giants – “Our strength and conditioning coach will mix things up. Maybe do some high pulls, power shrugs, incline bench press and dumbbells.”


Photo by Bill Menzel


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