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Answer the (Kettle) Bell

Personal Trainers will Incorporate Many Different Styles into Programs; It’s Your Job to Find the Right One


By Matthew Sgro

There are many ways to improve one’s physique and fitness level. One example of this is kettle bell training. Under the guidance of a properly trained professional this can be a highly effective and safe manner of training. As many physical therapists and professional personal trainers will tell you, training of this type with an unqualified trainer can be dangerous. They can say this because they’ve probably seen people after they’ve recieved this training.

There are very few exercises that are “wrong.” With the right form and instruction, you can get in phenomenal shape with many different types of training. Someone who specializes in a type of training such as kettle bells is exactly what you need when training with such type of training.

A personal trainer that specializes in general fitness, weight loss and muscle building will often times incorporate many different styles and types of training. He or she won’t claim to be an expert in anything besides safe, effective training. Being a quality, well rounded trainer, they will make themself familiar with all types of training that’s out there. This is because they WANT to. They have the interest level and drive to learn. That’s the type of trainer that will take an interest in YOU, the client, and what your special concerns, goals and conditions are. This is who you should be looking for when interviewing a trainer.

It’s your job, as the boss of your body and fitness to do this. If it doesn’t feel right, interview several trainers. A good suggestion may be to do this anyways, just to get a feel for what’s out there. Take control of your fitness journey. Don’t let someone else make the decision for you. Don’t let the first person you talk to rope you into a year of training you’re not sure about. This person is a salesman, not a trainer. Ask for a sample workout session. Ask for credentials. Interview your trainer like you’d interview a nanny taking care of the most percious thing in your life. Your body is extremely important and what you do to improve it is too.

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A WORD FROM MATT: My connections in the fitness industry and contacts go from the Philadelphia area to Los Angeles California. If you would like help in finding a quality trainer in your area I would gladly help you do so. Just send me an email on my website and I’ll do what I can to point you in the right direction.

Matthew Sgro, in addition to being a MuscleSport Mag staff writer, is the President and Founder of Elite Personal Training Studios, Inc. and Boot Camps with a Purpose, Inc., located in Exton, PA. For details, visit



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