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The Beginner Workout & Diet

First things first. There are two major elements of losing weight and simultaneously getting yourself into better shape and they are the following:


Lower the carbs & up the cardio.


Plain and simple – nothing will work unless you get the diet into gear and that doesn’t mean you have to eat bird food, either. Just curtail and try to cut out the ‘bad’ carbs (like white bread, white pasta, regular potatoes, etc.) and the sugars.


If you drink regular soda, that’s the first thing that needs to go. Diet soda blows, too, but for other reasons. It won’t make you fat, but the chemicals in there are horrible for your body long-term. And if you don’t drink water, start. And drink a lot of it, too.

There’s another important aspect of water and that’s drinking a 20-ounce glass a half hour before, during and after every meal. This will result in many benefits – making you feel fuller (thus eating less) and irrigating your digestive system are the main two.


Now the food. Try and break up your daily intake into five or six small-to-moderately sized meals. That doesn’t mean each one is equal in size. One fat free yogurt in between lunch and dinner counts as a meal for this diet. Or a protein bar.

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Bacon, egg and cheese on a roll for breakfast? Forget that shit; it’s horrible for you. I eat the same thing every day and that’s plain oatmeal with raisins and a scoop of protein powder for a little extra sweetness and flavor. You don’t have to get that crazy with it but keep the breads of the whole wheat variety and to a minimum. Don’t eat bread with every meal and try to limit it at dinner.


Carbs are not all evil and you can eat a lot of them – but of the good (or complex) variety such as oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Hold the butter and salt wit your food, too. Both suck.


Enjoy the proteins like chicken, turkey and lean red meat. Some people hate seafood but if you like it, eat it as much as you like – as long as it’s not fried. Vegetables and fruit are both fine for you and should be eaten daily. If people tell you (or read from one of those douchebag “experts” we warned you about) that fruit is high in sugar, they are not wrong but the shitty sugar is the processed kind.


We all love steak but too much fatty meat can catch up to you. Once a week or less is fine. And if you fuck up and have a shitty meal like pizza one night, just consider it that weekly cheat meal. We hate that expression and don’t like conveying it to others but let’s be realistic – all of us are going to have a night where we have a few beers and enjoy some good food. Not the end of the world as long as that doesn’t happen three times a week.


As to the timing of your meals, grab something every three hours and that will be a good break in between each. Once you get into the swing of things, we’ll worry about timing meals around the workout but don’t get too hung up on that now.


Oh, that’s right – the fuckin’ workout.



You may hate me the first few days if you do these but stick with it and after a while, you’ll be thanking us. These are the best to get in shape and you can do them right in the street.


Start at one corner and do a 20-yard all out sprint. Take a five-to-10 second rest and go another 20 yards. Keep this up until you hit the other corner on your block. The repeat until you’re back at the starting corner.


This is actually a HIIT exercise (High Intensity Interval Training) and is the best way to burn fat and get that cardiovascular system into gear. This whole thing will take you less than five minutes but you’ll be drenched and sucking wind.




Before you even walk into a gym and start throwing the weights around, do some body weight exercises and get accustomed to training slowly and limit the next day soreness. So here is a handful of old school-type movements that are actually a full body workout, albeit a simplified one.


Crunches – be cognizant not to pull on the back of your head to complete a rep and hold/squeeze it at the top for 25 reps.


Push-ups – pause at the top (but don’t completely lock out your elbows; stop just before doing so) and bottom of each rep for a second or two and bang out as many as you can – hopefully at least 10.


Planks – this is the new favorite ‘core’ exercise out there and if done correctly, you’ll see why. Your abs and lower back will feel great. Do this for at least one minute at the least.


Wall Sit – use a strict 90-degree angle by bending your knees and keeping your back flat on the wall and brace your hands on your knees. Hold for at least 60 seconds.


Body Squats – put your hands out in front of you, palms down. Do at least 10 deep squats in a slow and precise manner.


Calf raises – hold on to the back of a chair and move your feet back until you’re at an approximate 45-degree angle. Lean forward until the bottom of your feet come off the floor and move your toes up and down without hitting the floor for 25 reps.



Try this entire routine five days per week for at least two and up to four weeks before lifting any weights. If you stick to it, you’ll be in good shape and the proper diet (and rest – get at least six and preferably eight hours f sleep a night) will give you the energy to begin hitting the weights. This will also build up your confidence and that part of the equation shouldn’t be overlooked. A lot of people walk into a gym cold and get intimidated by the meatheads around them. Once you drop a few pounds and start feeling better about yourself, things start falling into place for you and this becomes more of a lifestyle and not a chore.


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