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Pizza & The Lunk Alarm: Planet Fitness Not in the Bodybuilding Universe

By Angela DeRosso – Within the kingdom of health and fitness, Planet Fitness dons the role of the foolish and utterly nonsensical joker. While housing the infamous “lunk alarm” and dishing out slices of pizza on second Monday of every month, it is no surprise this franchise is not only a mockery, but the very bane of the fitness industry. Its uniquely absurd marketing campaign aspires to lure in those who basically have no intention of waltzing through the gym doors more than a handful of times each year. Ironically, members are rewarded with calorific goodies simply for showing up in this perverse version of a gym.


By offering a gym that is barren of any cumbersome, intimidating bodybuilders at a low cost, Planet Fitness lures in its patrons like flabby individuals to a blubbery and highly caloric pizza Monday. However, just because the gym is loaded with a couple of ridicules, that doesn’t mean a fitness enthusiast can’t experience a strenuous and sweat drenching workout at a local Planet Fitness. Believe it or not, aside from the pizza that is only present for an hour or two out of the entire month, the gym actually has enormous supply of innovative cardio equipment.

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While the heaviest dumbbells and racks may be absent in some locations, there is still an array of machines available for resistance training. I’ve even seen thorough routines preformed using no equipment besides a park bench. Anyone whose ever broken a sweat can tell you all you really need to burn some calories are a pair of running shoes and your own bodyweight. Realistically, complex equipment is not a necessity when it comes bulking and toning up. If you’re seriously looking remodel your physique and a costly gym membership isn’t doesn’t suit your current budget, don’t be intimidated or ashamed to invest in a Planet Fitness membership. Just because the notorious Planet Fitness emblem is plastered on the establishment’s wall, it is not an omen for a bad workout or an excuse not to feel the burn.

Another complaint lifters make regarding the gyms is the way the advertisements coerce and repel individuals who actually take fitness seriously. The reason why fitness facilities are so widespread and trendy is not just because they offer the possibility of enhanced wellbeing and a more appealing physique. Gyms flourish because they act as a social facilitator and provide a sense of community to its patrons. Planet Fitness does the total opposite by promoting itself as the kind of place an individual goes to get in and get out. This is supposed to intimidate those fitness enthusiasts who crave long, throughout workouts.


However, bodybuilding is a selfish sport. It is one that is preformed without the necessity and desire to serve or benefit a team. Workouts are scheduled on your own time and sculpted specifically by yourself and on one else. It doesn’t matter where it is preformed consistency and form are aspects even the most lavish gym memberships cannot buy. Working out doesn’t require anything besides a positive, tenacious mindset and a good pair of running shoes.

Angela DeRosso

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