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A Spot-on (and Now Olympia-Bound) Sheila Bleck Wins Tampa Pro

Winning your first pro show is an amazing accomplishment for any competitor so when Sheila Bleck’s name was announced as the women’s bodybuilding champion at the 2014 IFBB Wings of Strength/PBW Tampa Pro (and the best poser), it was a relief for someone who has come close before. But this can be a decision that has a trickle down – or up, if you will – effect at Olympia Weekend, for Bleck’s physique was the best it has ever been. Now she has six weeks to keep her conditioning and go up against the likes of Iris Kyle, Debi Lazewski and Alina Popa.

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Those three women have a size advantage of Bleck, who did appear more streamlined than at her last contest in 2012. So it will not be easy to crack the top three but the Swede has done quite well for herself on the IFBB stage. She placed second in her inaugural show at the 2010 New York Pro then fourth in her first Olympia a few months later. She competed only once the following year and dropped down two spots at the O. Then in 2012, another runner-up finish at the Tampa Pro and a repeat of sixth at the Olympia.


So now Bleck needs to definitely make the pose down next month in Las Vegas and at least duplicate her top-four placing. With a win now under her belt, she may have a little more momentum and if one of those three come in a bit off, it would be no surprise to see Bleck slide right into their place.


2014 Tampa Pro – 1st

2012 Olympia – 6th

2012 Tampa Pro – 2nd

2011 Olympia – 6th

2010 Olympia – 4th

2010 New York Pro – 2nd

2008 NPC Nationals- 1st

2007 NPC USA – 2nd



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