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Five-Day Training Split Full Body Workout

There are not too many instances when something fits into the ‘perfect scenario’ description. But let’s assume that you have five days to get to the gym, which many of us fortunately do. So for the ones that need to squeeze their training into four or less days, this will probably not be very helpful. Up front apologies all around.


Here is a weekly routine that is for the people that bust their asses Monday through Friday and then take off two days to rest on the weekend. It is designed to be a five-on, two-off gym schedule.

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MONDAY – biceps and triceps


While 90 percent of the people in the gym are doing chest, you avoid waiting around for a bench and/or performing movements out of a desired order and get your arms banged out without much down time.


You can do either muscle group first but many prefer the biceps before triceps, as that can be a more taxing workout and you want to hit them at full strength.

TUESDAY – chest


Have the last laugh and have the benches at your disposal a day after the rest of the crowd fought over them.




Follow up a push with a pull and give your lats a beating without having to worry about saving anything for, let’s say, biceps – which is an old favorite combination.


THURSDAY – shoulders


Now you return to the push and have 48 hours in between chest (which gives taxes your shoulders as a secondary muscle) and delts.


FRIDAY – legs


Saving the worst for last? Yes, if you hate leg day as much as the rest. Since you know that you have two rest days coming up, feel free to kick the shit out of yourself and don’t pussy out on squats.



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