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Royal Gathering:11 Winners Took The Stage in Las Vegas at the 2010 Mr. Olympia

Having Bart Starr together with Drew Brees and every Super Bowl MVP in between is a historical but rare occurrence, indeed. But the sport of bodybuilding did the equivalent of just that at the 2010 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas. 11 of the 12 Mr. Olympia winners in IFBB history gathered together, with the lone exception being Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was busy with governor business but gave a video speech.


Seeing the likes of now late-Larry Scott (who won the Olympia in its first two years, 1965 and 1966) and Sergio Oliva (1967 to 1969, who has also passed on since this event) brought back the nostalgic days when the contest was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Oliva is still viewed as having the most perfect physique of all time. “I believe it,” he said with a laugh during Olympia Weekend.

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Samir Bannout, who won the Sandow in 1983, was brought back in time 27 years. “This is the ultimate experience,” he said. “When I stepped on stage, I was feeling it. I knew I had it.” Although he felt confident, Bannout did see a few others who were also on top of their game that night. “Lee Haney was great. Bertil Fox was unbelievable. They were very dangerous. It’s history.”


Haney won eight consecutive titles from 1984 to 1991 and still holds the record for the most with Ronnie Coleman. The Totallee Awesome one was anticipating the get together. “We get to introduce to the next generation the past champions who have made this sport,” he said. “I’m really honored to be a part of that group and look forward to the opportunity to share that with some of the younger athletes.”

Although he is proud of his mark, Haney also realizes that it may not forever. “I always say that records are made to be broken, so if someone can come along and break it, then my hats off to them.”


When all of these champions took the stage with the Master Blaster himself, Joe Weider, 45 years of bodybuilding royalty was the perfect segue for Jay Cutler’s fourth Olympia win.


With all of that excitement, there wasn’t even any need for a halftime show.


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