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3rd Annual FDNY-EMS Lenny Joyner Softball Event 9/6

Sept. 6 at the Castle Hill Little League Park (1 pm). This event is in honor of Paramedic Lenny Joyner who tragically died while rock climbing in Colorado on July 24, 2012. While this wasn’t a line of duty death, it garnered a great deal of attention from Lenny’s co-workers. His funeral was attended by over 1,000 members of FDNY-EMS as well as members of EMS agencies from Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Mountain Rescue Aspen who not only recovered Lenny but made the trip back up the mountain to recover the summit ledger to give to his family as a sort of tribute.Immediately after his death, in true EMS fashion, a memorial event was planned. Seeing as Lenny had started his career in the South Bronx, members of the stations there planned a memorial softball tournament between the stations as well as an all day BBQ. News of the event spread and last year was a tournament between stations from all over the city. This year there will be a change, instead of a tournament between stations, members of Boston EMS challenged FDNY EMS to a single game.


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