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2014 NFL Preview: AFC North

This can be one of the tougher divisions in the league but yet again can also be a mediocre one. It depends on a number of things but all four teams can be competitive and if certain things break right, all can be .500 or over. But they will beat each other up and these interesting rivalries will get even more intense now that there is a reason to watch the Browns – maybe.





2013: 11-5, Prediction: 10-6


Perhaps Andy Dalton didn’t deserve that big contract but he’s played well for this team and they keep winning with him at the helm. They will not go 8-0 at home again but should fair better than 3-5 away from The Jungle, thus evening things out a bit.

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2013: 8-8, Prediction: 9-7


These guys always come to play hard and having Big Ben running the show always gives them a chance to walk away with a W. But age is catching up to some of their players and six divisional games will take their toll.



2013: 8-8, Prediction: 8-8


The Super Bowl hangover excuse is not an option but the ‘retooling’ one certainly is. This is still a talented team going through some more changes and also has the Ray Rice situation to deal with. They will be good, but not good enough.




2013: 4-12, Prediction: 7-9


Mike Pettine will get this team back on track but give the rookie head coach a little time. He made the right decision leaving Johnny Manziel on the bench for the time being. But the mercurial Texas A&M alum will get his shot somewhere near mid-season and get the Dawg Pound fired up for 2015.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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