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2014 NFL Preview: AFC West

A division that produced three playoff teams will once gain be a very competitive one and the wild, Wild West always has some great rivalries. The Broncos will once again be the top dogs here and it will be high-scoring affairs when these teams play divisional games, as usual.




2013: 13-3, Prediction: 11-5


Super Bowl runner-up hangover? Perhaps, but Peyton Manning will have another impressive year throwing the football, even if Wes Welker will not be there for the first month. Their defense is improved with the signing of DaMarcus Ware and although they will probably not make it to the big game again, they will get close.

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2013: 11-5, Prediction: 10-6


Andy Reid is a veteran coach and the right guy to make this team forget about the crushing playoff loss to the Colts (and overall bad second half of the regular season). Alex Smith is getting big boy bucks with his new contract and will be expected to show that he was worth it.




2013: 9-7, Prediction: 8-8


If another postseason trip is ahead, the Chargers need to open up the slight +48 PF/PA mark. With a quarterback as talented as Philip Rivers and a good set of targets to throw to, this team should score be able to score well over 400 combined points. A slight step back means no playoffs.



2013: 4-12, Prediction: 6-10


This once-proud organization has been a disaster for years and they continue to shuffle the quarterbacks in and out. This year, they brought in veteran Matt Schaub to tutor first rounder Derek Carr, but an injury means that the rookie starts in Week 1 at the New York Jets. Welcome to the circus, kid.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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