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2014 NFL Preview: NFC East

Once the strongest division in the conference and arguably the entire league, the NFC East has settled into one that is in the discussion of the weakest groups. There is no complete team here and all have holes. But one has to come out on top, albeit with a not-so-impressive record.


2013: 10-6, Prediction: 9-7

Chip Kelly and Nick Foles will both have a hand in getting the Birds to the playoffs again but this is a ‘one-and-done’ team f you ever saw one. Interesting caveat: if Mark Sanchez gets in, he may be able to lead this team passed the first round of the playoffs. Stay tuned…

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2013: 7-9, Prediction: 7-9

No, they will not start out 0-6 again, but this is a team on the decline and a shaky offensive line, backfield and entirely new scheme spells trouble for another slow takeoff. Eli Manning does have two rings but he can’t do it alone.


2013: 8-8, Prediction: 6-10

Tony Romo has had more questions surrounding him than practically any other player in the league and they lost some key components on the defensive side of the ball.


2013: 3-13, Prediction: 5-11

If RGIII is healthy, this is a team that can steal a few games. But part of his effectiveness is what exposes him to injury so it is a complete guess how this turns out for the Redskins. And can we please call them by their proper name? Enough of this PC nonsense.

Photo by William J. Hauser

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