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2014 NFL Preview: NFC North

The wonderful old and intense rivalries still exist here and the Packers and Bears will both be a tough out. The Lions are mediocre and an improved Vikings team will leapfrog them.


2013: 8-7-1, PREDICTION: 10-6

Aaron Rodgers on the offense; Clay Matthews on defense. Great leaders on both sides of the ball but this team needs to be more consistent to come out on top. It should in a division filled with mediocrity.

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2013: 5-10, Prediction: 8-8

This will be one of the surprise teams in the league this year. They will not have the perfect indoor conditions of the Metrodome anymore, but neither will their opponents. It used to be a real home field advantage at the frigid ‘Met’ back in the day and perhaps that can happen again. At quarterback, Matt Cassel will do just fine and Adrian Peterson is prime for another huge year. Teddy Bridgewater will have to wait his turn.


2013: 8-8, Prediction: 7-9

The once dominant Monsters of the Midway are now considered a weak team defensively and have some good weapons on the other side of the ball. But Jay Cutler is inconsistent and injury prone, so the Bears will take a step back in 2014.


2013: 7-9, Prediction: 6-10

Another team with a porous defense, the Lions can put points on the board but will it be enough to win? Matthew Stafford can get the job done and has some nice weapons but it will always come down to the fourth quarter.

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