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2014 NFL Preview: NFC West

Quite simply, this will be a season-long dogfight between San Fran and Seattle for first place and home field advantage when it counts. The Niners do not want to go up to Seattle again in order to make the Super Bowl and also open up their new digs this year. Colin Kaepernick keeps growing each year and will take that next step in 2014.


2013: 12-4, Prediction: 13-3

The off-the-field issues are not ideal, of course, but Jim Harbaugh is the perfect coach to rally the troops around the negative and turn it into a positive. Kaep will cement his placing as one of the league’s top signal-callers and the ageless Anquan Boldin will have another monster season.

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2013: 13-3, Prediction: 12-4

No Super Bowl hangover, but the ‘Hawks will just miss out on a chance to repeat by losing a close one in San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game. A difficult schedule that includes five road games against 2013 playoff teams will be the reason why they don’t get home field advantage.


2013: 10-6, Prediction: 9-7

After a very good 2013, the Cards will take a step back, albeit a small one. By winning 10 games and still missing the postseason, they get ‘rewarded’ with a tough schedule. Such is life in the NFC.


2013: 7-9, Prediction: 3-13

This was not a talented team to begin with and are brutal without Sam Bradford. His preseason injury landed him on IR and now Shaun Hill gets to run for his life. Rams fans should pay close attention to the games played on Saturdays because they will be picking very high in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Photo by William J.Hauser

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