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Samson Shredder Workout

By Maurice Bright – Alright gentlemen and gentle ladies, it’s been quite some time since we initially introduced to you “H.I.I.T Exercise 1,” but here’s the second installment containing yet another awesomely intense routine. For those who HAVEN’T already checked out H.I.I.T Exercise 1, here’s the link.


We’ve discussed the numerous benefits of H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) time and time again throughout our site but if you’re new here, please do take some time and check out the H.I.I.T Exercise 1 link along with this to help you better understand the concept and methodology behind it all. Without further ado or doo-doo (teehee), here’s The Samson Shredder!

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Rest periods: In-between exercise rounds, you will be resting a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 40 seconds. It’s imperative you’re in control of your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth; this will both calm your body for the duration of these brief rest periods and efficiently utilize oxygen intake in preparation of your next go round.


Equipment necessary: A jump rope and kettlebell; the amount of weight of the kettlebell is purely up to you but try and pick a weight you can manage for high reps while also being formidably challenged.


Round 1
1 set of 25 kettlebell swings superset with 25 jump rope jumps

Round 2
1 set of 20 kettlebell swings superset with 30 jump rope jumps

Round 3
1 set of 15 kettlebell swings superset with 12 burpees

Round 4
1 set of 10 kettlebell swings superset with 15 burpees

Warm down stretch

Maurice Bright is an ISSA certified personal trainer who also manages his own health and fitness website, in hopes to inform, educate, motivate and inspire whenever possible.

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