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The Metabolic Syndrome Risk As Men Age

Father time doesn’t forget anyone and men have an added concern when it comes to aging (over 50). Perhaps you have never heard of the metabolic syndrome so let’s give a quick explanation in layman’s terms.


It’s basically when a bunch of disease symptoms kick in at once. High blood pressure, insulin resistance, high blood fats, type-2 diabetes and extra fat in the waist area. It also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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So how in the world would one go about delaying and perhaps even preventing all of these terrible things? Trying to maintain your muscle mass and testosterone level are two important factors, as is maintaining a healthy diet.


The problem is that a good percentage of men begin to slack off with their nutrition and exercise when they approach that age when metabolic syndrome kicks in. There are those aches and pains and it’s easy to skip the gym. But this is the worst strategy, of course, and you need to step it up as you grow older.

And that doesn’t mean you have to bench 315 pounds, either. Do a weight that is right for you and that will maintain your muscle mass and also help with your test levels staying higher.



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