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The 50th Anniversary: 2014 Mr. Olympia Preview

The gala event less than one week away in Las Vegas will be one-of-a-kind; the type of celebration that fans of the Iron Game may be talking about for a long time. The golden anniversary of the Mr. Olympia contest has the potential to be a dogfight for not only the Sandow, but also the rest of the top six.


Predicting the outcome of this show can have any number of interchangeable combinations but this is how we see the results:

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The three-time reigning champion can only beat himself by coming in out of shape and that is not going to happen. The Gift will deservingly be declared the winner again. Half-way to the record.



The 2014 Arnold Classic winner placed third here a year ago and looked good enough to make the argument that he could have been the runner-up. Wolf has a great symmetrical physique and his height is also an advantage. The anticipated battle between him and Kai Greene for second place will not even be that close.


Two consecutive runner-up finishes for the Brooklyn native and he is expected to be in the running again for the top three. But Greene has had some previous issues with a thick midsection and if he either tried to put on more size or doesn’t time everything right, that may be the case again.



Flexatron placed third and fourth, respectively, in 2012 and 2013 and hasn’t been in many discussions this year. Don’t overlook him and his pleasing physique will get him into the posedown again.



The ageless one always is in top condition and recent photos of him posted online show Jackson to possess a lot of added mass with nearly contest-ready graininess. And this was approximately three weeks out.



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