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Four Consecutive Mr. Olympia Titles For Phil Heath

Living up to all of the hoopla building up to the contests, the 50th Mr. Olympia delivered and then some. Three-time reigning champion Phil Heath defended his title against a formidable line-up, especially Kai Greene, who finished as The Gift’s runner-up for the third straight time.


Heath was not at his all-time best and did look smoother than in previous years, making it a much closer show than expected. Greene was solid and this seemed like a replay of the 2012 Olympia when both competitors fought tooth and nail until the very end.

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Another similarity from two years ago was Shawn Rhoden placing third again and looking absolutely peeled. If it weren’t the size difference between Flexatron and the top two, he may have at least one Sandow by now.


The first disappointment of the night came with Dennis Wolf falling from third to fourth. While dropping a spot may not seem like that big of a deal, this one is much larger for Wolf, who could have easily placed second here a year ago and then looked amazing in March, winning the Arnold Classic. Bigger things were expected of Wolf this time around and he now has to, in a way, start over again.

In fifth, Dexter Jackson proved that this is not only a young man’s game and at 43, The Blade stood tall by making the top-five. The first surprise of the night cane with Branch Warren placing sixth. The two-time Arnold Classic winner and a past Olympia runner-up, he has dealt with a myriad of injuries and most thought that his best days were behind him. But Warren did a great job prepping and walked out of the Orleans Arena with his head held high.


The rest of the placings:


7th – Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

8th – Victor Martinez

9th – Steve Kuclo

10th – Juan Morel

11th – Johnnie Jackson

12th – Roelly Winklaar

13th – Fred Smalls

14th – Jonathan DeLarosa

15th – William Bonac

16th (DNP) – Jojo Nitforo

16th (DNP) – Ibrahim Fahim


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