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150-Rep Workout For Atlanta Falcons Safety William Moore

When you play in the National Football League, thinking out of the box with your training can be beneficial to not only being successful on the field, but also healthy enough to stay on it. Such is the case with Atlanta Falcons starting safety William Moore.


“Eight to 10 reps are just waking your muscles up,” he says. “You’re not working it. I do about 300 reps for every body part.”


Working a former bodybuilder as his trainer, Moore blows out his muscles by doing an unfathomable 150 reps with 25-pound dumbbells for bicep curls and then ups the weight to 30-pounders for 100 reps the following set.

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Another example of his workout is putting 135 pounds on the barbell for flat bench press and hitting 50 reps with it. “You feel it,” he says with a laugh, and added that he takes a well-deserved three-to-four minute rest in between sets.


Moore breaks down his body parts in a five day weekly routine as follows:


Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Biceps and Triceps

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday – Back

Friday – Shoulders

Moore also incorporates cardio into his weekly regimen and trains a solid seven days a week during the NFL offseason. But he uses this in a similar fashion as his weight training, with an eye on stamina.


“On cardio machines, I’ll do two minutes on, one minute off. Then I’ll do one minute on, 30 seconds off,” he explains. “This builds up endurance. I’m a football player, so each play on the field lasts maybe six or so seconds. These bursts mimic that somewhat.”


Now that he is in full training camp mode, Moore knows that even sweating through grueling two-a-day practices, putting on body weight is a definite possibility. But it’s not something that he’s concerned with.


“You have to drink a lot of water, so most if it is water weight.”


By following a smart and healthy diet, Moore can fluff off a few pounds gained. He stays away from fatty foods, especially during the offseason when you’re not training as hard as training camp and weekly practice. “You burn a lot of calories during the week, so eating right is a plus.”


As is training right, and William Moore has shown that what he does in the gym and kitchen certainly transcends onto the football field.


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