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Thinking About Competing? A Few Tips From the NPC MPD Camp

I was going to write an article after my first competition last year after I competed at the 2013 Southern California Championships. After thinking about it i didn’t want to jump the gun as a rookie competitor. Many months later i finally was able to hit the stage this year and competed at the GNC 2014 NPC Grand Prix Championships. I had a Great time finally competing again and watching the 30 IFBB Men’s Physique Pro’s compete that night.


Things i would like to share with future competitors:

I recommend competing with the NPC (National Physique Committee), unfortunate depending on your area this might not be an option. But let’s face it, when you pickup any fitness magazine what do you see primarily? IFBB Pro’s. The only way to become an IFBB Pro is to compete as an amateur with the NPC.


First step: 


Get registered with the NPC. $120 registration fee which is good for this Calendar Year.


I mailed my check and registration card from Southern California to Pittsburgh and received my registration card in less than two weeks.


Get your card well before you decide to hit the competitive stage. If you wait until you check-in for the competition you’ll be dropping a lot of cash all at once. It is also a Great piece of Motivation when you receive your registration card in the mail.

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Spray Tan:

Most if not all shows offer spray tan, pictures, and videos available to purchase when you compete. A spray tan depending on your skin complexion can cost you a pretty penny with a cost of $99 for only two applications. If this is something you have decided to do for the long run. I recommend purchasing your own Spray Tan Kit and have your significant other and or friend spray tan you. It will save you a lot of money while you chase that IFBB Pro card. I tried using tanning lotion for my first competition and it wasn’t good enough for the Bright Lights on Stage. After my first competition i purchased a Spray Tan Kit. I had my Beautiful wife spray me 4 times before i hit the Stage, one spray application starting three days out in the morning and one final spray the night before the competition. With my skin complexion i need more than just 2 applications.


If you spray tan the night before and you’re staying at a hotel. Bring your own sheets so they don’t charge you a fee for staining the sheets with the spray tan.


Some of you might be thinking Spray Tan Kit Really? This is a Lifestyle for me. I will work hard to try and earn my IFBB Pro card and if I become one of the fortunate few Athletes that get picked up for a Sponsorship I’ll always be ready (tan) for a photoshoot or to work a booth at an event. I save countless dollars with my own Kit. A Gallon of spray tan liquid last a Very Very long time at only $99 per gallon.


This Picture shows the difference between tanning lotion and Spray Tan.


Registering for a competition:

Register early or you will be charged a late registration fee ($60) if you wait. It’s  $120 to compete in One Class.  Normally it’s a week prior to the competition before they start charging a late registration fee.


Practice Practice Practice your routine:

Last year when i competed it was mandatory turns when i hit the stage for my 10 seconds. This year it’s ten seconds to perform my routine. I didn’t know they changed it and i was stuck without a routine. Pretty sure i would have placed higher if i had practiced a routine prior to hitting the stage. Sure for Men’s Physique it’s only 10 seconds and you can’t do any flexing like the bodybuilders but Stage Presence and Personality is one of the judging criteria that could determine a better placing on the score card.

Paying for pictures? 

Only $79 for Professional Photography? Hmm, $120 NPC registration, $120 to compete at the contest, spray tan cost, Hotel fee’s if needed, etc… you’ll burn up a lot of cash before it’s all over. I don’t pay for pictures; normally i can find pictures a day or two after the competition online. Most of the Big supplement and Magazine companies will have pictures for the NPC and or IFBB contests posted. Also you can have a friend or family member take plenty of pictures for you. Most places will have restrictions on what kind of video/camera equipment you can bring into the event as a spectator, but today’s Smart phones have decent capabilities to take almost Professional quality photos.



$59 if purchased before the show. This is an option i was going to purchase but the turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks, so i wouldn’t have it available to study my Stage performance and try to perfect my Stage Presence and Personality before my next competition. This is something i will purchase for my next competition. I can’t find video coverage online for the competitions.


Keep in mind the prices I talked about are for my area in Southern California (Pictures, Video, and competition registration). So the prices might be more or less in your area. If i paid for everything the day of the Athlete brief/ check-in it would have totaled $537. So remember to register with the NPC as an Athlete early, and register for the competition before they charge a late fee so it’s not an impact all at once for your wallet. Unless you’re wealthy and don’t mind burning up the cash.


What I learned after my first competition helped me bring home my First Trophy. So i hope this helps you a little.


EAT & TRAIN, never diet and exercise.

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I grew up in Boise, ID and have been living in Southern California since 1999. Growing up I was always smaller than most kids my age. I would do what I could to exercise and try to put muscle on my frame, but it just did not work. When I graduated high school, I only weighed 135 pounds. 

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1994. During my time on Active Duty, I have covered multiple campaigns with combat tours to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Being a Marine, one tends to stay competitive with their peers; but I needed more of a challenge.  I became serious about living a healthy and fit lifestyle in 2009, and started taking courses to truly understand the science behind the human body, resistance training and nutrition. I have earned the title’s International Sports Sciences Association Master Trainer and Elite Trainer.

When the NPC/IFBB establishing a new Division: Men’s Physique, I saw that as a new challenge. I just couldn’t see myself being a Fitness Trainer and not setting the example for my clients, so I began competing in 2013, with a goal to earn an IFBB Pro card, qualify, and compete on the biggest stage as a professional athlete at the Mr. Olympia.

ISSA Master and Elite Trainer (CFT) (SFN) (SET) (SSC) (SSF) (SYF)

NPC Men’s Physique Athlete

“EAT and TRAIN, never diet and exercise”

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