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The Amazing Race 25: TNA Wrestling’s Robbie E & Brooke Adams in the Running

Fans of the CBS reality television series “The Amazing Race” will be in store for an extra treat in the twenty-fifth installment that runs through the fall. There will be 11 couples vying for the title and grand prize of one million dollars.

One of the pairs is from TNA Impact Wrestling and Robbie E and Brooke Adams may be viewed as the favorites due to their athletic backgrounds. At least on paper over the husband and wife dentist team.

MuscleSport Magazine sat down with Robbie E and picked his brain about this interesting opportunity.

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MSM: How were you and Brooke chosen for the cast?

RE: A pro wrestling couple that are dating, are wacky, good looking, fit, funny and entertaining like us…I think we (would be) wanted in any cast, don’t you?

MSM: For the readers not familiar with the concept f the show, give us a brief outline of what the contestants have to do? 

RE: It’s basically 11 teams and each week, the teams have to go through different obstacles throughout the entire country in a huge race. It’s wild! The show has won numerous awards and is really something else.

MSM: What type of training did you have to do to prepare for this? 

RE: Honestly, there are so many things in the race that there is no way to train (for it). Being fit helps but you can’t really train to catch a fast taxi or pick the best flight, etc. So many different pieces that can make one do well (on the show).

MSM: Since both you and Brooke are great athletes, do you feel any added pressure to succeed over the likes of some of the other couples, such as realtors, dentists, etc.? 

RE: Again, being an athlete is not what this race is about. It does indeed help, but there are so many other (aspects) involved.

MSM: How do your skills in the ‘squared circle’ come into play here? 

RE: The fact that pro wrestling is so difficult and I was able to get through that type of training makes me know that I can get through anything the race throws at me!

Photos courtesy of Robbie E



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