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The Mario Lopez Hollywood Workout

Being a celebrity certainly has its perks but it also has its pressures. When you are on national television every day, keeping your physical appearance up becomes paramount and that is exactly what Mario Lopez deals with as the host of NBC’s “Extra.” He has always maintained a youthful appearance – even today at 41 years of age – and kept his body in excellent condition.


“I try to break a sweat every day,” he said. “I usually don’t stop unless I’m sick. Boxing makes up about 75 percent of my training and I’ll do it at least three or four times a week. (And) I also like to hit the weights – sometimes light weight and higher reps; sometimes real heavy. Mixing it up to keep the muscles guessing.”


Because he doesn’t always have the opportunity to weight train, Lopez will hit the entire body two or three times a week and prefers to use a training partner. “It’s more motivating for me to work out with a buddy,” he explains. “You can push yourself more.”

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His work schedule – which Lopez describes as “long, crazy, intense and fluid” – does not prevent him from training and he never looks for an excuse to take it easy on himself. “Usually when I go on the road, the hotel will have a gym that will suffice,” he said. “But I always have sneakers and an iPod and can also do a room workout with shadow boxing, push-ups and crunches.”


Besides boxing, Lopez also enjoys other forms of fitness such as running, hiking, biking, swimming, salsa classes, circuit training and cross training. He also uses the conventional cardio equipment. “The treadmill, elliptical and bike are my best friend(s),” he comments. “Stick a TV in front of that and the time goes by (fast). I also read a lot on (them).”


But his favorite activity is the aforementioned boxing and Lopez enjoys the one-on-one aspect of it due to his childhood as a wrestler. “It’s very therapeutic for me,” he said. “I try to spar twice a week. The last thing that you want is get your ass kicked by some Hollywood guy.”


Because Lopez works so hard and consistently with the cardio and weights, he allows himself to be a little less strict with his diet. He eats clean during the week but enjoys himself on weekends. “I’m an excessive guy so when I work out, I work hard and when I play, I play hard,” he said. “I like to drink, smoke cigars and crush a whole pizza. It’s all about balance.”

Viewing living a cleaner lifestyle as fuel for everything that he does, calling it a top priority in his life. “Working out compliments everything I do,” concludes Lopez. “It gives mne more energy, more confidence and makes me feel better about myself.

“Your health should be your top priority and everything else is just gravy.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Mario Lopez certainly practices what he preaches and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in the gym with him, Gio’s Brooklyn Boxing Club in Southern California, where the photo was taken. 

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