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Kelly Lynn: Behind-the-Scenes at Her Playboy Photo Shoot

1 – You are every guy’s wet dream: a stunning fit blonde who has appeared in Playboy, Maxim and competes in the NPC bikini division. Putting all humbleness aside that must be a pretty good feeling. Elaborate a bit on that.

Thank you very much! I always try to stay humble, but yes it is a very good feeling! I have worked very hard for every thing I have and have achieved. I am fortunate to been blessed with looking the way I do, so it has allowed me to have the careers I have! It is funny when you are the screen saver on someone’s phone or computer, or they want an autographed photo, or just a picture with you. But all in all I am just me!

2 – Posing for a nude layout is not an easy task. At what point did you feel comfortable with it, or were you fine from the get-go?

 I am very secure and confident with my body, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. I mean of course it was a little awkward at first, but after a few minutes it was nothing, and now I don’t even blink about it. I deff. It takes someone who is comfortable in there own skin to be able to do it.

3 – Describe some of the behind-the-scenes details with the Playboy shoot. 

It is a production! Lol! A ton of people on set, photographers, lighting guys, hair and makeup team. It is also a long day! I learned a lot though, and you are deff. In the spot light….literally! Playboy is an amazing company to work for. They are very professional and always make you feel comfortable. It’s really a fun shoot!

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4 – You have an amazing physique and are in incredible shape. What does your weekly workout routine look like? 

Where do i start!? Haha….I usually work out 6 days a week. 7 days when training for a competition. Sometimes twice a day as well. I am usually at the gym for 2 hours. Sometimes more, depending on what is going on in my training. I lift super heavy and rarely do cardio. I lean out super easily with my dieting so cardio is something I do here and there.

5 – All work and no play flat out sucks. What do you like to do to wind down? 

Sleep! Hahah! I love sleep! I try to always do something for me….watch movies, hang out with my girlfriends, or just stay in and relax by myself. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy drinks here and there. So a glass of wine tends to be perfect! 

6 – What is your favorite cologne, the type that makes you recognize it right away when a guy is wearing it close by?

O geez….umm to be honest, guys always smell good! There cologne lasts a lot longer then our perfume. It’s not fair! Haha!


7 – Look in the mirror and tell our readers what your favorite body part is and why. 

Hmm…probably my shoulders and arms, or my abs. I have worked hard to look the way I do so I appreciate myself haha! If that makes sense.

8 – How strict are you with your diet?

Very strict when it’s closer to competition time. On a regular basis, I eat healthy but I deff. Don’t starve myself. I actually carb up a lot, because I lift so heavy and workout so hard. If I don’t eat carbs I won’t make it through a workout. I deff. Don’t eat fast food or eat out a lot. So I watch myself always, but if I want something I will have it. Everything in moderation.

9 – What’s the most listened to playlist on your iPod consist of?

A little bit of everything. Heavy metal, pop, rap. I love music so my iPod definetly has a wide range of songs. Sometimes a Christmas song will come on and I’ll leave it on! Haha!

10 – Vacations are always memorable for the crazy stuff that people do – usually while intoxicated. What are some of your favorite vacation moments? 

One of the best trips was when my girls and I went to Mexico for spring break back in the day. We had a blast! It was just fun to be able to be a little wild and just party. It was perfect weather and we are all very close so it was the best!


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Photos courtesy of Kelly Lynn

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