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Philadelphia Eagles CB Curtis Marsh Implements Boxing Into Workout

Making it to the National Football League means that you have to be in the best shape of your life and stay above the curve. And at times, that means having to think out of the box. So when current Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Curtis Marsh was preparing for his junior year at Utah State, he implemented a brand new training method into what he was already doing.

“I was a running back my first two years (in college),” he recalls, “and then was switched to corner in my junior year. My (new) position coach Corey Raymond suggested boxing to improve my hand-eye coordination, feet and balance. It also helps my explosiveness to jam receivers at the line; not lunging forward but just like jabbing.”

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Six years later, Marsh still uses boxing during the offseason for one hour a day, twice a week. His trainer is Danny Davis, who just happens to also have another client named Bernard Hopkins, the current WBA, IBF and IBA light-heavyweight champion.

“(This) definitely helps me on the football field,” Marsh says. “I really like the jab/cross hand/duck combination drill with the pads.

“I also do one extra day – either Wednesday or Saturday – playing basketball or doing speed drills,” Marsh continued, and added that once the team OTAs begin, he does the speed training twice a week in the form of ladder drills, sleds, resistance marches, A-skips, A-marches, over speed drills, balance drills, etc.

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Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles

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