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MSM EXCLUSIVE: The Nine Pivot Points to a Beautiful Physique By Mr. Olympia Larry Scott Articles (Part 2 of 10)

THIS IS A MUSCLE SPORT MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE! Larry “The Legend” Scott has been revered for decades by fans of the Iron Game and was the first-ever winner of the Mr. Olympia contest, taking the first two in 1965 and 1966. He unfortunately passed away at the age of 75 on March 8, 2014 but his legacy lives on. We will be posting a series of 10 articles written by Scott that have NEVER been published before. We are honored to have been chosen and special thanks goes out to Leandro Cornejo.  


Nine Pivot Points – Point #1

By Larry Scott, First-Ever Mr. Olympia (Two-Time Winner) – The first and second points are the side and rear deltoids. Big, round full caps on the side and rear just aren’t expected, so they catch your eye. You can’t seem to tear your eyes away when you see these areas swelling unexpectedly out of nowhere. In fact, the image remains etched in your brain long after the actual experience is over.

Third are the upper pecs. Granted you see some great lower pecs but once in a lifetime do you see a Franco Columbo-sized pair of upper pecs. They are uncommonly fascinating. One glimpse and just a hint that you, too, can have a pair of these things and you’re hooked.


Fourth is the lower lats. Yeah, lots of guys are wide and lots of guys are thick but very seldom do you see a back that’s got “heart.” I’m talking about lats that don’t taper down but almost curve up at the bottom. It doesn’t take genetics it takes focus and unique exercises. Lou’s (Degni) lats were incredible. They weren’t “V” shaped, they rounded at the bottom like a heart but you should have seen the strange movements he did to build his “heart.”

Fifth is lower biceps. Sixth is the long head of the tricep. Seventh is forearms. When you get these three developed to their maximum, they add a symmetry and beauty to the arm which defies all description. This package is so impressive, so stunning you don’t even have to flex it. You can stick it straight out and still cause jaws to drop. It’s much more impressive than a huge arm which flexes but nothing else.

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Quads is point eight and are by far the eye catchers when it comes to thighs and they add flair to an otherwise thick and bulky looking thigh but hamstrings are rapidly taking over top billing. You just don’t see too many thighs with a great set of thigh biceps.

Finally, Pivot Point #9 and one of the most dramatic is lower calves.

You see, the key is to get more weight out at the end of the body part, thus lower calves, lower thighs, forearms, lower lats, upper pecs and outer delts. The more size you can pack in these “unexpected” areas, the more impact your physique makes on the eye of the beholder.

Each of these points when developed to their maximum adds something to the physique that’s hard to put into words. Matter of fact it’s better than words. It’s the stuff that “awesome” is made of. So…

Don’t Just Hit the Gym, Punch its Lights Out

You will build a body that is so stunning it will remain etched in the mind of bodybuilding forever!


Photo courtesy of Larry




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