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“Mike & Molly” Star Reno Wilson – Spin Workout & Diet

Putting the necessary hours in to film a weekly television sitcom can be a daunting task and it is easy to become complacent with your workout and diet. But veteran actor Reno Wilson takes the lead in not allowing that to happen to him or his cast mates.

“On the set of “Mike and Molly” when we have ‘hiatus Fridays,’ I teach a spin class right there at Warner Brothers Studios,” the veteran actor says. “We have two weeks on and one week off, so we get to do it frequently.”

At 44, Wilson now realizes that staying in shape is an important part of not only his profession, but overall health, but that wasn’t always the case.

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“I was always a husky kid – and wore a size husky,” he recalls with a laugh. “I’ve gone up and down in weight for roles in the past and have done that several times – drop it, do the role, it goes back on and then I have to lose it again.”

It was around the time that his-now 12-year-old daughter was born that Wilson became more serious with his routine. His wife wanted to lose the weight she gained throughout her pregnancy and that seemed like the perfect time for both of them to make the commitment.

Wilson’s acting career began in 1988 on “The Cosby Show” as Howard and he landed the role of Officer Carl McMillan (co-star Billy Gardell’s partner) in 2010 and has been a regular ever since.

“As an actor, you have to think about it (staying in shape),” he comments. “If they ask you to take your shirt off (during a reading), you have one less thing to worry about. You don’t need a six-pack to act but it behooves me to be ready.”

Here’s what a typical week look like for Wilson:


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – weight training

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Spin and Yoga

*Friday spin during filming

Sunday – off

*45-minute spin class, 1-hour yoga and right into a YAS class (30-minute spin, 30 minute yoga)T


Approximately 2,000 calories a day focusing on protein, consisting of:

*Herba Life protein shake for breakfast

*Visalus preworkout

*Herba Life protein shake for lunch

*Mixed nuts, fruit, protein bar – snacks

*Dinner consisting of protein and vegetables, yams

“My goal is to eat a gram of protein per pound of my bodyweight.”


Be sure to follow Reno Wilson on Twitter and Instagram: R2theENO 

Photo by Laria Saunders (courtesy of Reno Wilson)

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