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This Is Your Magazine: Meet Daniel Hammaecher

This is part of a continuing series provided exclusively by MuscleSport Mag entitled, “This is Your Magazine,” where we profile the everyday athlete. If you would like to see yourself profiled here, please send us your story and photo to

My name is Daniel Hammaecher. I am 30 year-old French international fitness model, competitor and personal trainer. I began weight training at 18 and was very skinny for a tall guy. I saw people there in shape and in magazines and became interested in their methods – what to work up to and what kind of food could build my body and optimize my results. And step by step I made my way.

I found my inspirations in people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike O`Hearn and David Kimmerle. I had the pleasure of meeting the last two and trained with them the last time that I visited the United States this past August. It helped me to keep my determination on the highest point.

My line to follow was always quality over quantity. I started to compete in 2008 in small open contests and now I take  part in the international championships all around Europe.

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Here in France, the bodybuilding, fitness, training and healthcare is not the same like in America. My girlfriend and I feel that if we want to grow, we need to move over to the place where the fitness industry is at the highest concidération.

So we decided to change our lives – move to the USA to live out our American dream.

Its a huge decision and a risk for us and our child, leaving everything behind to start from zero. But did Arnold not try it, too, and leave Austria to come to California ? There will be no success without taking any risk !

We are currently in process of obtaining visas for athlètes with extraordinary ability and a little help from everyone can help us to reach our dream.



– 1st Place WPF National Contest 

– 3th Place European Championship WPF

– 3th Place World Championship WPF

– 4th Select for the Univers Championship WABBA

– 3th Place Univers Championship WABBA 


-Nomination of NEOS AWARD for the Best

Personnal  (Category Newcomer)

– 2nd place Selection WABBA

– WBFF London UK 2013

– 4rth place WABBA Univers


– 3th TFE european championship 

Earned PRO Card.

I’m a sponsored athlète by Reflex Nutrition andvalso write a chronicler of nutrition for the Strengh Fitness & Healthy Magazine in UK.vI invented the famous fitness and nutrition concept Athleticbootcamp. For more information, please write for my E-Book :

If online training is not your thing, you can go for the real thing.

You get to live, train, cook and learn with me. I offer 5 or 3 full days in France but I do BootCamps in other countries too, and would love to export my concept in USA.

Facebook :

Photos courtesy of Daniel Hammaecher

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