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Melissa Fillmore – 5 Kids & Hotter Than Ever

Melissa Fillmore: Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & NPC Figure Competitor

1 –  OK, stop the bullshitting. There’s no way that you have FIVE kids looking like that. Just tell us what your major is next year when you begin college.

We’re just kidding (but really not!) – but in all seriousness, what was the final straw in you going from 209 pounds and 45% body fat to under 120 pounds and 10% body fat?

When it came right down to it, it wasn’t the weight loss that motivated me; it was the strength. About four years ago, I learned to rock-wall climb and wanted to get better at it. At 209 pounds, my fingers couldn’t pull my fat ass up the wall. I made a change. I paid a trainer, increased my protein intake and figured out I was pretty damn good at building muscle.


2 – Your husband is one lucky son-of-a-bitch. And although everyone has to say otherwise, love is not blind. Has he been annoying you every night since your amazing transformation? 

I must be a lucky bitch because he was after me constantly even before. Now his favorite part is walking behind me in public and smiling at all the guys staring at me. He just gives them that look of  “that’s right buddy, this chick is mine.”


3 – While we’re on the subject (didn’t take long to get there, right?), what would you consider a ‘good number’ for a married couple to have sex on a monthly basis? 

Monthly basis? Really? Let’s talk about weekly basis. Hell, lets just skip to daily. The question should be “How many times a day?”

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4 – As a personal trainer, what is the lamest excuse that you have heard someone say why her or she cannot get in shape?

I’ve heard a lot of lame excuses and I’m sure I’ve given a few lame ones in the past. I’m just not into excuses. My theory is that you either want it or you don’t. But my favorite is the one who told me they couldn’t afford it. I knew why when I saw the backseat of her car full of empty McDonald’s bags.


5 – Do you use your own experience being formerly overweight as motivation to stay so fit?

Of course I do. I also use my experience to motivate others to get fit and healthy. I believe in using my powers for good – not evil.


6 – Do women who frequent gyms scantily dressed just to meet men annoy you? As a guy, there’s nothing wrong with more eye candy. But training should be the reason why the gym is our second home. 

(I’m rolling my eyes.) I have no problem with anyone taking the time to look good. Because when you look good, you feel good. But don’t take up my equipment or waste my time. When I go to the gym I’m there to train – not entertain. (P.S. – mascara sweating down your face is not cute.)


7 – What’s the order of enjoyment for you: modeling, competing, working out, personal training. 

I love it all for different reasons. Some of it for the attention (what girl doesn’t love that). Some for the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Some of it so I can proclaim myself a “Bad Ass Sexy Bitch.”

8 – Where is the most romantic place that you would pick as a destination for a second honeymoon?

Anywhere that has good food, beautiful beaches, great weather – and a stamp in my damn empty passport!


9 – What is the body part that you’re most proud of and why? 

My booty!!! I’ve taken it from fat, to flat, to fab. I have quite the extensive “Build-A-Booty” program.


10 – For those non-believers (and lazy folks) out there, tell them how being in great shape is a natural aphrodisiac for both yourself and your significant other? 

All I can say is that confidence is sexy. When you like how you look naked, well….enough said.



Melissa lives in Washington State with her husband and five great kids. She is most proud of the fact that her kids think it is cool to tell their friends that she is a “bodybuilder.” She is a full time Personal Trainer and has won first and second place trophies as well as an overall in local NPC Figure Competitions. She plans to compete again at Junior Nationals in 2014.

Twitter: @FillmoreMelissa


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Photos: Faith Hovde/Emerald Photography 

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