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Acne Induced by Exercise?

By Sandy Alcide – Working out at the gym may tone your muscles and cause the ladies and gents to swoon over your chiseled physique. But when they get a closer look and realize you’re covered in acne, your six-pack abs can’t save you. Skin, the body’s largest organ, can be riddled with acne problems after a workout. In that event, many would have to seek Hormonal Acne treatment for adults.

Even if you don’t suffer from excessive acne, your training may be adversely affecting your skin. Yes, acne can be induced by exercise. But exactly what causes this? Scientists are still uncertain what the exact cause is, but they do have some worthwhile theories. Your lymphatic system is controlled by movement and operates best during exercise. The lymphatic system is also known as “the drainage system of the body”. This system consists of lymph nodes & vessels that carry lymph fluid around your body. This amazing circuit collects waste from tissues and returns it to the blood after it has been fully purified.


If the lymph is insufficiently activated, cells swim in their own waste which can block pores. Lymph fluid is a transparent, pale yellow fluid that carries cells that help fight infection. When the blood cells are not able to unload their toxins via the kidneys, they go to the next best eliminative organ: your skin! When bacteria starts to set in the pores it causes acne. A raised heart rate brought on by exercise also activates your oil- producing sebaceous glands. Some people have over active sebacious glands to begin with and, when mixed with lymph fluid, toxins, or bacteria, the condition produces blemishes induced by exercise. This can creep up on us over a long period of time, which is why persons who never had acne are suddenly plagued by it, regardless of what age the exerciser is.

Because acne appears on one’s outermost layer, the epidermis, there are natural topical remedies which can be used to the exercisers’ advantage. Most acne treatments tend to dry the skin with chemicals and mass- production methods. Organic botanical and herbal extracts which use a processing method called “cold pressing” eliminate alcohol content. Some key plant ingredients in acne treatments are salicylic acid, derived from willow bark and horse tail extract and coltsfoot. Salicylic Acid is a natural beta hydroxy acid which exfoliates surface dead skin cells (keratinocytes) and debris that cause acne. Horsetail extract or coltsfoot are both known for detoxifying and healing properties.


Although there is no quick fix for acne, there are treatments that can help to keep the acne at bay once healed. Camphor, a thick oil derived from the wood of the cnamonum caphora tree, is grown in the Far East. It has been valued for natural remedies since the 12th century. Camphor is now being used to cure acne as a medicinal ingredient that purges skin to remove toxins. Bentonite is a fine mineral clay used to draw excess oil from the skin. When using products containing this combination of natural ingredients as a daily treatment, it has been proven to help with acne induced by exercise without drying the skin.

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