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A Look Back at the WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation)

WWF/WWE Mogul Vince McMahon Tried His Hand at Bodybuilding in the 90s

The IFBB can be viewed as a monopoly. Even an organization that monopolizes its own industry couldn’t make a dent in bodybuilding. Considering that it was Vince McMahom from the wrestling world makes it even more surprising.

Back in September of 1990, at none other than the Mr. Olympia weekend in Chicago, the World Bodybuilding Federation was born in a press release stating that the new organization would “revamp professional bodybuilding with dramatic new events and the richest prize money in the history of the sport.” Calling the competitors the ‘WBF BodyStars,’ a slew of pros were signed over from the IFBB, including Gary Strydom, Berry DeMey, Mike Christain and Lou Ferrigno.

After initially promising to keep the wrestling element away, McMahon couldn’t help himself and came up with catchy nicknames and what some may consider costumes for the bodybuilders on stage and in print. There was also a celebrity Family Fued pitting the WWF Superstars versus the WBF BodyStars.

Strydom won the 1991 WBF championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey and before he could defend his title, a major change took place. At the time, McMahon was under investigation for distributing steroids, so in a private meeting it was stated that the second competition would be drug-free.

Losing much of its appeal without chemical enhancement, many of the competitors took the stage in Long Beach, California in 1992 not appearing the way they did a year prior, with Strydom once again taking home the hardware. The wheels were beginning to come off and on July 15, 1992, McMahon pulled the plug on the WBF.

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