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MSM EXCLUSIVE: The Nine Pivot Points to a Beautiful Physique By Mr. Olympia Larry Scott Articles (Part 3 of 10)

THIS IS A MUSCLE SPORT MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE! Larry “The Legend” Scott has been revered for decades by fans of the Iron Game and was the first-ever winner of the Mr. Olympia contest, taking the first two in 1965 and 1966. He unfortunately passed away at the age of 75 on March 8, 2014 but his legacy lives on. We will be posting a series of 10 articles written by Scott that have NEVER been published before. We are honored to have been chosen and special thanks goes out to Leandro Cornejo.  


Nine Pivot Points 

By Larry Scott, First-Ever Mr. Olympia (Two-Time Winner) Let’s go on with the Nine Pivot Points. Places on the body that cause the eyes to pivot right to them. I promised you I would give you more details about how to build these “beautiful” areas. Let’s start with:


How to develop the “heart” in your Back

Lot’s of guys are wide and lots of guys are thick but it’s hard to find a guy with beautiful fully developed lower lats. When you see a back like this… it’ll stop you right in your tracks.

Lou Degni, a great bodybuilder from yesterday, even by today’s standards Lou’s back is breath taking. His lower lats almost hung down. I’ve never seen a more incredible “heart”.

When you first saw it, you couldn’t keep from giggling. But inside you were eating your heart out.

So how do you get one of these things? The heart shape comes from focusing on the lower lats which is the hardest area to build, that’s why it’s so stunning.


Here are a couple of exercises designed to build your “heart”. The first is the one arm lat pull with a pulley about 3 to 5 feet off the floor. Bend over at the waist… with one hand grasp a single handled pulley.  Stretch the opposite leg forward… so far you’re actually leaning on your upper thigh. Then stretch the other leg all the way back so both legs are ‘scissored’ as much as possible.

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Now twist the hip back away from the line of pull as your arm extends. Then, as you pull the handle in next to the hip, twist the hip into the arm. Then back out again twisting the hip away from the line of pull. This “in and out” hip movement puts all the stress right on the lower lat. It’s similar to a one arm dumbbell row but with the body in this stretched out position and the hip twisting in and out; it targets the very lowest part of the lat. After you’ve done 3 to 4 sets with each arm and you’re fully pumped, you’re ready for the next part.

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