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Lee Priest, Gregg Valentino, Bob Bonham, Eric The Trainer & Kirk Radomski Join MuscleSport Magazine

As heard on last night’s episode of The Gregg and Joe Show, the MuscleSport Magazine staff has undergone some drastic changes for the better. Beginning with the upcoming winter edition of the quarterly publication, we are proud to announce the following additions:

*GREGG VALENTINO – the co-host of The Gregg and Joe Show is now the Managing Editor of MuscleSport Magazine and will be a regular contributor to the magazine and website. Put your seat belts on for “Talkin’ Smack With Gregg Valentino that will be our lead-off article in every issue.

*LEE PRIEST – the IFBB and NABBA pro bodybuilder has been one of the most popular names in the industry for years and will now take his ‘no-holds-barred’ style to MSM. Judging by the radio interview that made the announcement, Priest’s fan’s are in store for a wild ride.

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*BOB BONHAM – the owner of Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, New Jersey has had a ‘who’s-who’ of big names come through the doors of his establishment. Besides pro bodybuilders, celebrities and athletes such as NFL players are all common sights at S&S. Bonham has also been a longtime bodybuilding contest promoter, including the IFBB Ms. Olympia. Bonham will be penning a column recapping some of the more popular people he has come to know from the gym.James Maslow Eric the Trainer

*ERIC “ERIC THE TRAINER” FLEISCHMAN – preparing celebrities for television and film roles is what he does and the man known as Eric the Trainer has the likes of Patrick Schwarzenegger, Cung Le, Max Martini, James Maslow, Carlos Pena, Big John McCarthy, Kirstie Alley, Brendan Fehr, Robert Irvine and Jason Dohring in his client list. Fleischman will be bringing the readers some of the secrets he has used to change the physiques of these men and women. Fleischman is also host of our weekly video series from Celebrity Sweat.

*KIRK RADOMSKI – the central figure behind Major League Baseball’s 2007 Mitchell Report and full investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs by a number of players, Radomski will bring an entirely different insight never before tapped into by the bodybuilding/fitness publishing industry.

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