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Butt Busting Glute Workout For Women

It’s time for shorts and bikinis so take it from a man, ladies. We will be staring at your asses for the next few months while the temperature remains hot and beach weather is in the air. Every guy is an ‘ass man,’ and we all cannot stand it when women tie those sweatshirts around their waists and cover what we would have certainly enjoyed seeing more of.


What you need to do to leave that hoodie in the closet is not grueling nor time-consuming, either. And a lot of these exercises can be done at home just using your body weight.

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These will work your entire lower body and are easy to do. No weights required and you can really go low and take your time springing back up. Since it is a low impact movement, keep the reps higher in the 15-20 range and three sets will get the blood pumping.




More of a core movement than glutes but you can squeeze your butt muscles and get them involved more that way.



You can vary these by doing them with both legs and then switching it up with single leg reps, too. By keeping the glute muscles tight during the movement, the time under tension will be longer and you will feel it working better.




Keep the working leg stiff and bring it up as high as you can behind you while on the other knee and both palms for support and balance.




The ultimate ass builder. Don’t worry too much about weight and keep the form strict and range of motion low. You will see results fastest doing these.




Another exercise where you should not be concerned with the amount of weight on the bar. These will work your hamstrings hard but you will also feel it in your glutes on the down part of the rep.




Dumbbell or barbell – either way will do. Get a nice stretch but remember to keep a 90-degree angle in you bent leg for proper balance.

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