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Add 10 Years To Your Life Starting Right Now

By Jason Aaron Baca – Every day we deal with a number of high stress situations from traffic driving to work, to difficulties in our relationships. They may be obstacles that seem nearly impossible to figure out a solution to or how to handle them best.

On a different level, what’s important is keeping our body and mind fresh & healthy. This is what keeps us prepared for these difficult situations that will in fact arrive in all of our lives at one point or another.

Here are a few tips to keep you focused on exercise and living a stress free life as much as possible.

a)     Don’t Bulk up or Slim down but stay somewhere in between. In other words, don’t overdo it or under do it in the gym. Some signs of working out too much are constant joint or muscle pain or difficulty sleeping, appetite changes. An over exercised body will have a stale, slow, sluggish rhythm to it.

b)    Exercise anytime, anyplace! All the exercise you do adds up! Keep up regular workouts and also doing walks with family back at home. Studies show you get health benefits from simply walking up your stairs or gardening, grocery shopping or making the bed (which I should start doing.)

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c)     Avoid Second Hand Smoke! Yes if you are reading this fitness magazine, there is a pretty good chance that you take care of your body and don’t smoke. But that doesn’t mean your friends don’t light up every so often in front of you. Second hand smoke can be more harmful then actually smoking a cigarette. Also guys, don’t use chewing tobacco thinking you aren’t doing yourself any harm this way. I chewed tobacco (1 can per day) for 16 years which was a habit that I’d picked up in high school & college baseball. What most chewers aren’t aware of is even the lowest grade chew (Kodiak) is 3 times the nicotine per use as a single cigarette. So can you just imagine all the compounded extra effort you are giving your heart to operate if you use?

d)    Check Those Shoes! If you like to do running or cardio but are a penny pincher, here’s a way to know when you’re walking on thin shoe support. Running shoes lose a certain % of their shock absorbent after 500 miles. So in other words, if you run 25 miles in a week, in 5 months you’ll only be getting around ½ the support from that shoe.

e)     Balance Food Intake! This is very important, especially for us guys that like to go all protein, no fat, no carbs! Make sure you are eating enough, especially carbohydrates which is your main fuel source! If you don’t have enough carbs, you won’t get a solid workout in. Make sure you are getting at least 12-15% of your calories from protein, 20% from fats… and the rest being carbohydrates.

Following these simple guidelines will help your life tremendously! Good Luck

Photo by Christiane Posl

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