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THE PRIEST HOLDS MASS: Traveling – Humans Behaving Inhumane

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are proud to announce that IFBB and NABBA pro bodybuilder Lee Priest has joined our staff and will be contributing a regular column to our print magazine and website.

Being in the fitness industry has meant that I’ve had to do an incredible amount of traveling over the years and have noticed something of late. Is it just me or are people getting a lot more rude?

They all rush to line up and even push to establish their position. Every time I experience this, I mutter to myself, “Hey, idiot. You have an assigned seat so chill the fuck out! No one is going to steal it so relax in line.”

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Once in the airplane, these “geniuses” stand in the aisle with their carry-on bag that is too big and should have been checked. (‘Oh, no. I’m too important and need this with me.”) So they stand there trying to figure out where to put it or just bullshitting with their travel companion while we all wait behind them.

You finally get to your seat and take a nap while in flight. The plane eventually lands and the second the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign goes off…BAM! The cell phones all come out and these jerks check their Facebook pages in case the world ended while they were in the air.

Jesus, people…get a life!priest

Now everyone jumps up in the aisle to stand and wait for the doors to open rather then just sit and wait. No, they rush to stand then complain it’s taking to long for doors to open.

Here comes the best part – the baggage carousel! I stand back about three feet to allow me to see my bag coming so I can then walk up and collect it, but not theses idiots. They come stand in front of you and you can’t see shit. Everyone does the same; all leaning forward looking for their bags and blocking everyone else’s vision. If your bag does come, you notice too late and around it goes again. Or you try pulling your bag out and hitting the numbskulls standing too close.

I just don’t get people. We really have to be the dumbest of all breeds on the entire planet. It’s no wonder we can’t coexist with one another. We are all so self-important and self-absorbed. It’s a joke.

Well, till next time. Happy travels.

Lee Priest is an IFBB and NABBA pro bodybuilder who has began competing in his native Australia at the age of 13. He became one of the youngest men to earn an IFBB pro card when he was 20 and competed in numerous shows every year, including the prestigious Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic. Be sure to visit his website, Priest Athletics

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