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Tattoos, Workout Sweat & Being On Top: Lindsay Gregorio Knows What She Wants

1 – You have some pretty cool tattoos. Tell us a little about them and what they mean to you? 

Almost every tattoo I have has some sort of meaning to it. I take my artwork very personally. I have one for my kids, it says: “Love ’em to pieces” with their initials. I have Marilyn Monroe, as I can identify with her greatly. She was very misunderstood, and many people saw her as some bimbo but she was incredibly smart and talented and had a way of getting what she wanted without having to sleep with everyone (despite rumors about her).

My two latest tattoos are My Sig Sauer P938. My artist Jesse really did amazing on this one. My guns mean a lot to me, as I love to shoot, and all of the detail (lips, initials, etc.) are really personal and special to me. My latest tattoo is a quote given to me by my very dear friend Elisabeth “The Queen,” that Queen Elizabeth I said: “One Mistress, No Master.” This means a lot to me, as I am ruled by no one but myself. I think it is important not to let another person’s influences get in the way of what you want. Do what makes you happy.

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 2 – Do you prefer to exercise alone, with a female or male training partner? And why?  

I prefer to exercise with a female, however, not opposed to exercising with a male. My amazing trainer, Kim, is the only person that I exercise with currently. When it comes right down to it, I would not be where I am today without her. I am horrible at remembering workouts, etc. and she does all of that for me, so that all I have to worry about is focusing on the tasks at hand. She is also my saving grace; she knows when I have things on my mind, and like a “typical” female, I vent to her a lot. I can exercise with men, but I would probably be too worried about how “cute” I look while I’m working out rather than actually trying to kill it at the gym (LOL).IMG_0431

3 – You’re into running a lot. What’s your average distance and how do you feel afterwards?  

I just got into running. When I was heavier, I couldn’t even run a mile. Recently, my best friend challenged me to run 3 miles and to track my run. (She didn’t think I could do it.) So as a big “Fuck you” to her, I started running and ended up running 4.6 miles. So far, I average about 4.5 miles, and my farthest distance has been 5.1 miles. I love running because I get a great surge of energy after I run and it feels amazing. Not bad for an amateur runner. 🙂

4 – Workout sweat can be one of two things to people: an incredible turn on or disgusting. Where do you stand on this?  

I think workout sweat is a turn on. If you work that hard during your workout, I can only imagine what you’re like in the bedroom. ; )

  5 – Missionary, girl-on-top or doggie style? And what feels different about each?  

It’s a tie between girl-on-top and doggie Style. Missionary is for boring people; it’s for when you’re exhausted and don’t really want to have sex, but you are, just to get it over with. It’s a good “starting off” position, but doesn’t really do anything for me, really.

A tie between the other two, because I have days where one will feel better than the other for some reason, but both give really amazing climaxes. Girl-on-top is a control thing and I LOVE being in control, so for the days where I am feeling feisty, this is a go-to position for me. Doggie Style is the opposite of control, and I love it because the man has all of the control. Again, depends on the day, but this one is great because there are so many variations of this position and you can even add a little hair pulling to it, and it’s an all-around feel-good time.

Then there are days (most often this happens) where one position just isn’t enough, so a nice “Neapolitan” if you will, is just the ticket. 🙂

 6 – Being a model must be empowering in a way because you know that people will be seeing your photographs and admiring them. What goes through your mind during a shoot?  

To be perfectly honest, I STILL don’t consider myself a model – I’m just a female taking pictures. It is really empowering and flattering given the number of requests I’ve received to shoot, but I still don’t think I’m “model quality”…. yet. 🙂

I love that people admire my pictures. I want to give everyone something to like or enjoy. I am a people pleaser for sure (LOL). When I am doing a shoot, no matter how relaxed I am, generally I think:  “What the fuck do I do with my hands?!?!” Totally random, I know, but that really is what I’m thinking about, or its: “I wonder if I am making a good face right now.. Does this look sexy?” Things like that, which is the exact opposite of what you are supposed to think about… People pleaser… 🙂

7 – Many women have that strict rule, “We came together, we leave together,” which has ruined many a good night for men. Do you  – or your friends – subscribe to that theory?  

I think that if the person I’m dating is having a good time with their friends, and I want to go home, they should stay. I would never tell the man I love / care about what to do. That isn’t my style. I let them make their own choices. However, if you stay out, and I’m home and sleeping when you walk in the door, you better be waking me up for sex. I have learned that trying to control someone’s life is the fastest way to a failed relationship.

  8 – Bar, club or house party – which one is the best place to meet a guy?  

Definitely NOT a nightclub. Men that go to nightclubs are solely there to pick up a female and get laid (LOL). I would have to say a bar, because if they are at a bar, it’s a pretty sure bet that they have a job, and that they are probably there to hang out with friends, co-workers, etc. The house party I’m not opposed to, because it’s mutual friends, etc. but with that there are too many ” friends of friends” things happening there. I prefer to date people that are from different circles; it’s just easier to keep relationships private for the most part.

 9 – What is one trait that guys have which is a complete turn-off to you?  

A guy that tries to control my life and tell me what to do. I hate being controlled, and if you tell me not to do something, I will pretty much tell you to fuck off and that I am going to do it anyway. I am open to suggestions and discussions, but in the end, if I want to do something, it will be on my terms, not anyone else’s. Fellas, the ladies will love you more if you lengthen the leash. 🙂

 10 – In your opinion, is sexting hot, funny, childish or all of the above? 

I guess it depends on what you mean by “sexting.” I think it can be funny, but mostly hot. I wouldn’t call it childish, as it is a means of being intimate with someone when you cannot physically be there. I prefer video sexing (LOL).

Regular sexting is nice, but sometimes you need the visual. There is nothing hotter than getting to watch and hear your partner get off when you’re far away and unable to be present. I think that sexting is a good tool to use for foreplay, a few hours before your man comes home, or before you’re about to see them. It gets the thoughts going and builds up the anticipation of ripping their clothes off.



Thank you to Kim, my trainer, at Legit.Fit, LLC. Without her, I would not have lost all of this weight, nor have gained the confidence to show it all off. 

Jesse O’Neil, my amazing tattoo artist at Sacred Harp Tattoo in Salem, MA. I wouldn’t look this smokin’ hot without all of my beautiful body art. Love ya! 

Instagram: Armenian_Assassin  

Model Mayhem:  

Twitter: @Linzbella or @MsMarinaMonroe  


Photos: Mark Maker Productions, Missy Birrittella

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