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MusclePapa Presents: IFBB Pro Beth Transue

Please share something of your background related to your interest in fitness and this shoot.

Fitness and bodybuilding had interested me my entire life. It was three years ago that I got started only with the purpose of shedding the last bit of fat left after two pregnancies and build more muscle. It wasn’t until I got in touch with who later became my coach and friend Jamie Ibone that I decided to compete with much success.


Share with us a bit about your contest history and most memorable show experience.

List of Competitions CSF5a

2014 NPC Seminole Classic

2014 NPC Prestige Cup

2014 IFBB North American Championship

I have two memorable show experiences. First was wining overall on my first show and that huge hug from my coach Jamie. Second earning my pro card on my third show. Coming down the stage yelling profanity (no one could hear me) with my first place trophy in my hands is something I will never forget.

What motivates and or inspires you to workout, diet and compete in fitness? I love being in good shape. I love being able to wear whatever I want and look good. I also like to stay healthy. I would like to age with minimal health issues.

Which part do you have the most difficulty with? My shoulders although I have made huge improvements.

What is your favorite part of being on stage? After breaking the ice, my favorite part of being on stage is being the center of attention and showing the audience the final product of a wonderful journey.CSF5i-1

How do you feel about being in front of the camera? I feel amazing. I love being able to share my personality through a lens of a camera. It gives me a huge rush of adrenaline.

What is the most difficult hurdle you see as having overcome that helped you gain focus with fitness and otherwise? I had to become a morning person. I went from waking up at 10:00 am on weekends to wake up at 3:45 am Monday through Friday to be able to have a good workout before going to work. I have become a morning person in a way that even Saturdays and Sundays I wake up at 5:30am on my own….I love it!

What do you think is the most misunderstood part of your lifestyle related to fitness that people need to know? The most misunderstood part is the diet. People immediately think that because you are lean you don’t eat much food. I eat tons of food a day and I have a huge variety to choose from. It is all about making the right choices.CSF5b

What other sports do you enjoy whether you participate or not? I love watching the winter Olympic games in despite of hating cold weather. I love roller-skating but I have not been able to figure out how to brake (laugh). I also enjoy bike riding.

Where do you see yourself in the industry a year and five years from now? Five years is a long time to predict but I would like to in a position to inspire other mothers to pursue their fitness dreams.

Share anything additional that you’d like people to know about you. I was born and raised in Venezuela. I am married and a mother of two. I am a bit boring to some people since my favorite activity to do is to lift weights…and shopping for cool workout outfits. I love eating Venezuelan food on my cheat days.

What are your top six favorite workout songs? I don’t really have specific songs but I only train listening to hip hop. I recently discovered Fitradio and I love it. It makes me feel like I am at the coolest dance club right in the middle of my gym floor.



What is your favorite non-athletic activity? My family and I enjoy boating in the Florida Gulf of Mexico between late spring and early fall. We love to take our boat and island hop for days in the St. Pete area and just survive off a bbq grill and a cooler but a bit hard to do during contest prep.

Please share with us the name of a few of your favorite movies or genres of movies. I am not of much of a movie watcher but I like to watch super hero movies.


-Weight: Season 96-99lbs Off Season 105-107 lbs

-Measurements: Chest/Breast: 32D/33.5” Waist: 24” Hips: 35.5”

Preferred contact info:

Instagram: @bethtransue_fit

Facebook Fan Page: Beth Transue IFBB Pro

Twitter: @bethtransue_fit

Photos by MusclePapa John Hawley


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