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33 Years Later, Dan Duchaine’s “Underground Steroid Handbook” Still Speaks Volumes

The Guru’s Early Work and What It Means Today

When it was first introduced to us back in 1981, the late Dan Duchaine’s “Underground Steroid Handbook for men and Women” may have appeared to be a small pamphlet-style publication. The small type-set words complimented by Robert Crumb-looking cartoons was written in a light-hearted manner, which made it easy-to-read and interesting.

By the time a second version came out two years later – and followed up by the “Underground Steroid Handbook II” in 1988 – the entire bodybuilding community was getting the information that was unavailable anywhere else. Remember, back then you didn’t have the option to Google a steroid name and find out all the details. It was by word of mouth, and that is not the most reliable method.


Even the opening line rang so true, but came across brutally honest. “We know that this book will make us a lot of enemies just because we address the topic of steroid usage in a realistic manner.” Then, as it is now, people were going to obtain anabolic steroids and use them. Let it be because they were playing sports, bodybuilding or merely trying to look good at the beach or in the bar. That is the reality of the situation.

As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. And that also applies to manuals such as the USH. Duchaine does not tell the reader to go out there and start poking him or herself with a loaded hypo. But if that person had no intentions of doing that, he or she would not have bothered to pick up this book.underground-steroid-handbook

Knowing that, the book explains the dangers of use and, more importantly, abuse of these drugs. Duchaine goes on to state, “We believe that we are smarter than most doctors about steroids,” and after reading the book, you will agree.

Throughout the book, side effects are explained, as well as blood tests, how they are taken, proper diet during cycles, and more. The detailed listing of individual steroids will tell you the size (mg), color, physical description and price (at the time). He also delves into the aspect of counterfeit drugs and what to look for to avoid them.

There’s also a section on “How and Where to Get Them,” which may be obsolete in light of the federal law changes since this was written. But interesting, anyway.

While not the easiest publication to find, it’s well worth it if you do stumble across a copy.



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