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Sticking To Your Training & Diet Program: It’s All About Discipline

By Jason Aaron Baca – I was on my way to the gym.  As I drove by a fast food hot dog restaurant I noticed one of the guys standing in line was a friend of mine from the gym. He looked hungry and could tell as I continued driving past him seeing him viewing the overhead menu contemplating what else to order.

This was the same guy I talked to at the gym that would complain he was “starting to get a belly” but in the same breath he’d tell me that he “works out in the gym so that he can eat whatever he wants.” I arrived at the gym and see him come in like 30 minutes later… probably stuffed. I didn’t want to ask where he’d been, I didn’t even want to go there because in the past when I’d brought up to him about eating clean so that he could look fit he just laughed and told me “Naw…. I love food way too much to start a diet plan.”

I remembered pondering over his comment and realized that unless this person changed their thought patterns they’d continue on this path and not have a great body that they’d ideally want.  And this is a guy that I see putting a ton of effort in the gym. I see it with my own eyes! The guy blasts out the weights! Do I feel sorry for him for not having a good body? Not really…

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But why on earth would you come this far and not summit? Just like why would an artist paint a beautiful painting but then not have it framed? Why would a chef create their signature dish but not top it off with garnish? You’re so close to total achievement! Just one simple step away is it! Why stop short when you could make it?

Often time’s people fall short because they don’t know how to tell themselves no. They go to dinner and order the heavy pasta dish instead of the chicken breast because it “sounds tasty.” They enjoy the temporary pleasures or the fix they get momentarily. Trouble is then down the road they complain because they are fat or carrying extra weight.  Why are they complaining? They did it to themselves right?


The solution for these people is discipline! Just like for anything in life, you need to use good discipline when making food choices if you want to have a fit body. Once you hear yourself saying no to tempting dishes that are loaded with fat and yes to low fat, protein rich dinners, you’ll get in a habit. Saying no gets easier each time you do it.

Disciplining your choices at the dinner table is similar to a lot of things in your everyday life. There are many things in life that challenge people. Look at the guy that makes good money but you hear him constantly complain about finances. When you ask him what’s wrong, he says he has no idea. Then you hang around him and he’s living about his means going to fancy dinner after fancy dinner treating everyone in sight. He’s the guy that goes shopping at the expensive grocery store instead of the cheap stores (which you can still find high protein, low fat food at.) They have to learn to say no to the fancy restaurants and stores if that’s their pleasure.

Just like an alcoholic has to say no that first time he’s offered a drink. What happens if he/she allows him/herself to have just one drink? Yep… you guessed it… he usually ends up relapsing.

You have to be truly honest with yourself. You have to lay down in bed one night and really meditate on it. What do I really want? Do I want a nice body, possibly even one that stands out above the rest at the beach? If so, then I need to apply discipline to a number of things. I need to make it a habit of getting in the gym. I need to make it a routine of eating my dinner by such and such time each night.. Write down a list of rules you have to follow by just like your parents did when they gave you a list of chores as a kid.

But if you are tired after a long days work, discipline will get you to the gym regardless of how you feel. If you are starving and are thirsting for a giant pepperoni pizza, discipline will hand you the chicken breast to curb that fantasy. When you get weak, remember a time in your life when you felt so determined nothing or no one could stand in your way from accomplishment. A passion came out in you that possibly surprised yourself. You have it in you. You carry in your heart the vision of what we want. When you work towards your fitness goals with emotion tied to it, the sky is the limit!

Discipline is the key to success!

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