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MusclePapa Presents: NPC WPD Competitor Sydni Wisniewski

Please share something of your background and how it relates to your current interest in fitness and modeling.

Unlike most people, my fitness journey didn’t start in the gym with a goal to lose weight or get big. I started on the track where I was Florida All State in high school and a NCAA All-American while studying Graphic Design in college. I am a fierce competitor with drive and take a “never lose” approach in life. Track and Field allowed me to express my competitive nature during sports. After graduating, I realized that sitting behind a desk wasn’t for me, so I went back to school to become a personal trainer. I went to learn about the lifestyle of being fit and healthy. It wasn’t until I started accumulating clients that I learned about the world bodybuilding.


I saw photos of Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, and Dana Linn Bailey. I knew then that I wanted to look like them. I wanted to stand amongst them on stage and to be studied by others just like the way I studied them. My new career of “bodybuilding” began around reading articles, watching videos and trial and error techniques. I worked hard and was finally ready to take the next step and get up on stage. As soon as I stepped off stage at my first show, I knew I was in trouble. I knew that I would forever love this sport. I am endlessly trying to master the art of lifting and sculpting my body to be the best.

Share with us a bit about your contest history and most memorable show experience.

I started my journey competing in Figure. I placed 3rd in the 2011 Orlando Europa, 2nd in 2013 Daytona Classic, 2nd in 2013 Southeastern, 1st in 2014 Bonita-Naples Classic and 8th in 2014 USA Jr Nationals in North Charleston. I finally realized that I was a tad too big and hard for Figure. It also helped that the judges told me to jump up to Women’s Physique.CN9A6668-XL

For my first Physique show, I competed in the 2014 All South Championships in St. Augustine. I ended up placing 1st and went straight to the 2014 Nationals in Miami. I was surprised to experience a top 3 placing at the show walking away with a 3rd place finish. Believe it or not, I still can’t get over the fact that I was a part of the first call outs at my first National show. As soon as I heard my number, it’s as if the smile on my face grew an extra foot. I was just so incredibly happy that all of the sweat, tears, pain, and stress were all very much worth it. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to get back on stage in 2015.

What motivates and or inspires you to workout, diet and compete in fitness? Which part do you have the most difficulty with?

At first, my motivation was to not make a fool out of myself at my first show. After that, it became a lifestyle to live healthy. There are times that I need that extra push at the gym or in the kitchen. In those moments I think about all of the people who believe in me to do my absolute best. I think about how the Olympians push through their tough days without hesitation. I also think about the people who say they are motivated and inspired by me. I tell myself that I have to keep pushing forward for them, especially when it comes to dieting. When I am in the final weeks of my competition prep, my cravings begin to get a little harsh. I am a huge fan of breads and cereal, so it’s a little tough on the carb depletion days.

What goals do you have in the sport and do they relate to the rest of your life?FloridaFitnessPhotography45f

I have ever changing goals. When I achieve one, another is already lined up to chase. My biggest goal right now is to earn an IFBB Pro card. I was severely close this year, but close isn’t good enough. I also hope to stand on the Olympian stage one day. I’m feeling pretty good about it. This isn’t just a hobby for me. This is something that I’d love to turn into a career. Competing is everything to me and I can’t see life without it.

What do you think is the most understood aspect of your lifestyle?

I think some people would say that my drive and determination are highly recognized. I’m not a big fan of settling, so I’m always on the go to better myself. I try to learn as much as I can, then put it to the test. I learn from my failures and from my success. As far as I am concerned, my body will never be good enough, so I just have to keep pressing forward.

What’s the most comical or unusual comment someone has made to you? How did you deal with it?

There is one question that gets me every time. I just don’t understand why people continue ask me “Do you work out?” or “You look like you could kill someone.” I can’t understand why people believe that I am violent due to my muscular build. Also, I am not sure why they ask me if I workout, when I clearly do. For the most part, I say yes and thank you when they respond with a compliment. Other times, I like to mess with people and say no. I’ve found that a few people actually fall for it. I then tell the truth when they just look completely shocked.FloridaFitnessPhotography45a

Share anything additional that you’d like people to know about you.

I feel like I’m your average gym goer that is pretty easy going. I love to eat and I love to train. I will push myself harder and harder every day to get to the next level. I’m a huge believer in being able to accomplish anything and those excuses are for the weak. If you really want something, then you have to work for it. It’s really that simple.

What are your top six favorite workout songs?

Rap God- Eminem

Bellas Finals- Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

Guts Over Fear- Eminem

Levels- Avicii

Good Vibrations- Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Com With Me Now- Kongos

What is your favorite non-athletic activity?

I would say eating, but that is a “Duh” moment for every competitor. Ultimately, I would have to say hanging out with friends and family. When I am in season, I find it hard to hang out with loved ones because of the places they go or the time of day they gather. I use this time catch up with them and just enjoy life.


-Height: 5’ 5”

-Weight: Competition- 132 / Off Season- 150

-Measurements: Haven’t really measured myself. I really just go off of the feeling of my clothes and my weight.

Preferred contact info:

Facebook: sydni.wisniewski


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