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‘Deca Dick’ May or May Not Leave You Hanging

Interview with Steroid User Gives Info from the Horse’s Mouth

This is Part One in a series of Q & A interviews by the staff of MuscleSport Mag with an anonymous anabolic steroid user. M.T., a 37-year-old male, recently completed a 12-week cycle of Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate), and decided to sit down with us and share his results. This is by no means a recommendation to use performance-enhancing drugs, merely for informational purposes.

MSM: When did you begin your Deca cycle?

MT: I started in January and finished up in April. One cc a week from a 300 mg bottle.

MSM: What type of gains did you experience?

MT: About 10 pounds. As far as size goes, I didn’t do measurements before hand. I know…how could I forget that? Things happen. Judging by looking, there was a difference, but without ‘before and after’ numbers, I won’t know exactly.

MSM: How about strength gains in the gym?

MT: This is where I know that the stuff had an effect on me. I was able to put up weight that I haven’t been able to handle in a long, long time. Bench went up approximately 60 pounds, squats nearly doubled. All the other exercises went up, too.

MSM: No exact numbers to offer?

MT: You have to realize that I’m not the type of person that sat there and documented all of my maximums. I didn’t keep a training log and jot down when I was able to pass my shoulder press by 10 pounds. I just went to the gym and did my workout. In retrospect, I wish I did keep better notes so I can really evaluate the cycle. I can only go by how I felt and what I did for the most part.

MSM: Deca is normally part of a stack with testosterone and not usually taken alone. When you read the various forums on the muscle/steroid websites, Deca-only cycles are looked at as taboo. Why did you decide to do it that way?

MT: In a perfect world, someone who wants to use steroids would have their choice of what to buy and when. Because of all of the laws and how steroids are looked at today, it’s not like you can go to the supermarket and pick up some gear. You have to take what’s available when it’s available. At the time, that was all I could get. And besides, I wanted to go slow since this was the first cycle that I have done in a while.

MSM: You stole my thunder there a bit. My next question was if this was your first cycle or not?forearm bicep

MT: I did a pyramid cycle of Anadrol-50 when I was 19. From one half a pill up to three a day, and back down.

MSM: That’s a while ago, but I have to ask anyway. Which one had a more positive effect on you?

MT: The A-50, no doubt. You have to remember that gear was much more potent back then and a lot easier to buy. Plus, Deca is a milder steroid than Anadrol. There are pluses and minuses with both. With the oral, you have to worry about side effects more. They’re much more toxic than injectibles. They’re easier to take than using a spike, though. The Deca had a positive side effect, too, with the joint pain. If you have a bad knee, for example, the water retention from it will make that go away. Anyone that squats any weight to speak of will have knee pain at some point and time, especially as you get older.

MSM: I have to ask this question. Some say that Deca is a death sentence as far as ‘Deca Dick’ goes. What did you feel in this category?

MT: Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones, but I didn’t have any issues with that. When the cycle first started, I actually felt like my libido was a bit high, believe it or not. As the weeks went on, I just felt the same way as I always did before the cycle. When I needed it to work, it did! It may have taken a little longer than usual, but nothing more than a good case of ‘whiskey dick.’ I think that a lot of this is psychological, anyway. Your mind can trick you into losing it, and if you’re going in thinking that the Deca is going to ruin it for you, that’s what will happen.

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MSM: What type of diet did you follow?

MT: A lot of people miss the boat when they decide to juice up. Some think that they can take a weekly needle, train three times a week and everything will take care of itself. Sorry, it doesn’t come that easy. If you want to make any sort of decent gains, what you eat is nearly as important as how you work out, and you need to get to the gym more.

What I did is follow a high-protein, low carb diet. Obviously, it was low fat, too. You have to eat a lot and break it up into five or six meals a day. We’ve all read about the mass diet, right? It works the same, just more intense and more calories.

You also have to drink a lot of water. If you’re doing it right, you should be going to the bathroom all day long. Drink water in place of everything else, especially soda and alcohol. Eliminate them, just as you eliminated fattening foods. Everybody loves pizza, but if you are to do this correctly, grilled chicken should take the place of many of the those good but bad for you meals. If you find yourself at McDonald’s, just quit the cycle because you’re not going to see any results.

MSM: Is sleep an important part of the equation?

MT: When I did the cycle way back when, not as much. But now that I’m getting up there, a good night’s sleep has become a big part of getting it done right. On the nights I didn’t get a good seven or eight hours, my workout suffered the next day. When you sleep good, you have more energy and feel better all day long, even to eat the amount of food you need to. When you’re shot, you don’t feel like boiling eggs or even making a bowl of oatmeal.

MSM: Once you finished the cycle, how long before you began your Post-Cycle Therapy?

MT: I waited three weeks before starting Nolvadex. The PCT lasted three weeks and appeared to do the job. I didn’t have any noticeable side effects and my bodyweight has been around the same since the Deca cycle ended. Maybe a few pounds less, but we’re talking less than five here. My strength is somewhat less, but nothing drastic.

Maybe I was just naïve then, but I never even heard of PCT when I did the Anadrol. No one in my gym at the time – and there were a lot of juice monkeys there – told me about it and I always felt that I kept some of those gains. The strength went down, but I kept some of the size and shape. Before that, I looked like a kid because I was. In good shape, played sports and all, but not until I did that cycle did I look ‘big.’ I trained hard after that and always kept some of it.

MSM: So it seems that you’re experience was positive all around from this.

MT: Listen, it’s not right for everyone. Some people look jacked and they’re clean from Day One. Others need something extra. When I did the Anadrol, I was too young. Definitely. That was too soon to use anything like that. But I did it and that’s that.

When I decided to do the Deca, I felt that I had hit a wall and my training was getting harder and harder to do. Maybe because I’m older, I don’t know. But I did a lot of research and knew what I was getting into. I knew that Deca was not the strongest gear in the world, but that was one of the reasons why I chose it. Did I make a mistake? Maybe, but that’s my problem. I feel that I did it the safest way I could and didn’t want to get too crazy right off the bat.

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MSM: Do you think that you’ll take anything in the future?

MT: I’m going to do a 10-week cycle of Sustanon-250. I want to wait a little before jumping back into it. The formula that I read was ‘time on plus PCT equals time off.’ Something close to that should be safe. There are other factors involved and you have to have a crystal ball to make sure that no business trips or something like that will happen and screw you up in Week 8. When it looks like a clear 10 weeks when you can commit totally to it, you have to take advantage of that. If it’s a week or two sooner than you want it to be in a perfect world, you have to make that decision. Just as you made the decision that using the stuff was what you were going to do.

MSM: Thanks for your time and we hope to speak to you again after you’re finished.

MT: No doubt. And I’ll remember to take measurements this time.

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