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The Priest Holds Mass: No One in the 212 Division Scares Me

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are proud to announce that IFBB and NABBA pro bodybuilder Lee Priest has joined our staff and will be contributing a regular column to our print magazine and website. His column is presented by Priest Athletics

If you were still competing in the IFBB, you would obviously be in the 212 division. Is there anyone there who scares you? Why or why not?

Hell, no! Why would I be scared of any of them? I competed with the likes of Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, Paul Dillet, Chris Cormier, Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sontbay, Mike Francois, Vince Taylor…the list goes on.  So that’s why not!


2 – What is the craziest thing that you have seen a fellow competitor do backstage? What about something crazy that you did?Priest Athletics Ad

Nothing really. They all think there is some trick we do backstage, but know if your ready your ready; it’s that simple. The craziest thing I did was become a bodybuilder. LOL


3 – Do you prefer fucking female bodybuilders or bikini competitors and if you had to choose one (current and past), who would that be and why?


None – been there, done that…never again. Most (are) head cases and are all after the attention. Most have the normal guy with a normal job to support their so-called profession. So none of them – past or present.

Don’t think bikini is a class; it’s a joke. Go be a stripper. I don’t wanna hear how hard they train or diet for bikini. Really?? Fuck off. You could go to any stripper club or beach and find girls who hardly train who could win.


4 – Gregg Valentino always says if he could take only one drug it would be testosterone (Sus 250, Prop or Cyp are his favorites in that order). What would your choice be?

Mine would be none in all honesty; I hate taking it. But if it’s choice now maybe Sus 250.

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