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Introducing NPC Bodybuilder Dana Capobianco – aka Mistress Lizzie

Some of you may wonder who I am as you read this article, while others may have a pretty good idea if you have been involved with or into the bodybuilding industry for a few decades.

I was a professional natural female bodybuilder then I switched over to the NPC, where I’ve been competing since 1991 and nationally since 1995. I have been a fitness/bodybuilding model since 2000, appearing in Easy Rider magazine, FLEX , Muscular Development (Babe of the Month) and on two occasions in Muscle Elegance (now Muscle Pinups). My last magazine shoot was in December 2012 with Brian Moss. Hey, who knows, maybe my next shoot will be for you : ) MuscleSport Magazine!

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I’m also known for my stage presence and guest posing with theatrics and talent, from drama to riding a unicycle while wearing heels and a G-string. And let’s not forget the clown’s nose. As much as the next part is still about me, let’s talk about other people for a bit (that’s always fun).

Being a female bodybuilder, I always get asked to arm wrestle, as well as a lot of other strange things. There are an enormous amount of guys that are intrigued (more like, get off!!) with women’s strength. These guys’ desire to be personally shown in many different ways just how strong us women of iron really are.979810419

Arm wrestling being a more common one, I ONLY DO IT IF THE GUY PUTS $100 DOWN AND IF I WIN, I TAKE IT. And trust me – I NEVER LOSE! I started to do this after a situation in a bar with a few friends and a few shots of Jack Daniels. One particular individual happen to be a state trooper and he was just dying to arm wrestle me. I should have KNOWN he probably had a huge ego. So anyway I kicked his ass, but as he was losing he jumped on me with all his strength with both arms (unexpectedly) like a spoiled sissy and ripped my forearm tendons to shreds. Sore loser!

To this day, he gives me trooper stickers every year and his punishment is if I get pulled over, I tell the story to humiliate him (his name and all) to the cop who pulls me over – all in hopes of avoiding a ticket. And you guessed it…it works like a charm! I have arm wrestled many cops while being pulled over and if I win (which is all the time), they let me go. LOL.

One time a cop almost took me up on my offer to arm wrestle him to avoid a ticket but he changed his mind; he knew I would kick his ass. But as fate would it, three years later I met this same cop in a gym and he came up to me and said I owe him an arm wrestle.

At first I didn’t recognize him out of his uniform, he was big, about 6’ 2” and around 330 pounds. I was a little nervous but agreed to do it with the whole gym watching. And then just as we were about to arm wrestle, he got a call to leave the gym. In my head I was like, “I got out of that one!”

I also have a guy that I have been arm wrestling for the last 13years (only for money, of course), but on the topic of injuries, one time I ripped my ass muscle flipping this 290-pound, 6’ 4” guy. What’s even funnier is, being I’m only 5’3”, I would run at him and jump high as I could, wrap my thighs around his neck in a scissors type of headlock, cutting off his breath, and choking him to the ground like that. And then once he was down he can never get back up. Hey the more I beat him up, the more he wanted to do it ($$$$$).Dana Capobianco boxing glove 400

Female bodybuilding has to keep getting more creative and interesting as, “it’s known” to be a dying sport. But found power WILL NEVER DIE!!! IT’S HERE TO STAY – AS THIS WORLDS NEEDS STRNGTH OF ALL AND EVERY KIND . AND ME, I’M JUST GETTING STARTED. LOOK FOR ME, AND MY NEXT COLUMN!


Hi, I am Dana Capobianco, also known as the girl Gregg Valentino calls ‘LIZZIE’ Your “personal trainer,” because I train men to respect and worship a strong woman! You tough guys can call me ‘Mistress LIZZIE.’ Hey, maybe you think you’re a bad ass in need of some “personal training” on how to worship and respect a strong woman. In that case get on your fucking knees now! Oh, trust me big guy, your big muscles ain’t shit, I will KICK YOUR ASS!

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