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Ernie Banks Tribute Episode of The Gregg & Joe Show

With the recent passing of Ernie Banks, we are choosing to air an encore episode of The Gregg & Joe Show from May 5, 2013 when “Mr. Cub” was our very special guest. It was one of our favorite interviews of all time, as both Gregg and myself are huge baseball fans and to have the opportunity to speak to one of the all-time greats was quite a treat.

Banks spoke about the likes of Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial and was very gracious in all aspects. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy speaking with us, and obviously the feeling was mutual.

The Hall of Famer hit 512 home runs in a career spent entirely on the north side of the Windy City and was 83 at the time of his passing.

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(I decided to go against one of my house rules and write this piece in the first person, as to make it more of a personal experience. It isn’t every day that a sportswriter has a chance to talk to a player of Banks’s caliber and I wanted this to come out the way I felt inside.)


Photo courtesy of Ernie

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