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MusclePapa Presents: NPC Bodybuilder Chris Schaub

Please share something of your background related to your interest in fitness.

As a kid I always loved sports especially football. My mom of course didn’t want me to play and get hurt said I was to small and skinny. In high school I dated a girl whose dad would ask her why she dated that boy with chicken legs. That was a driving force for me to start bodybuilding and I had an uncle that competed and I always wanted to be like my cool Uncle.

Please share with us a bit about your contest history and most memorable show experience.

I have been competing since 2006 when I won novice middleweights and novice overall. I competed one week later in our state show as a junior middleweight and won my class. In 2007 I competed in Southern Classic in Mississippi as a middleweight and placed 2nd to a top national lever competitor. In 2008 I competed in the Greater Knox as a light heavy weight where I won my class and the overall then went on to the TN state show where I won my class and was runner up to the overall winner.Volume49a

I took 2010 & 2011 off due to finding out I had cancer and thought I was done competing. Then, in 2012 I came back winning the light heavy class and finally won the TN state show. 2013 I did Junior Nationals and did not come in like I normally do. I did North Americans that same year and took 4th out of 36 guys in a very hard class. I competed this year at Nationals in another very hard class and a class of almost 50 guys in the light heavies.

I did not place but my goal of being more conditioned than last year so I was extremely happy with that and can’t wait to see what this coming year with an awesome coach with me all year. My most memorable show experience would have to be placing 4th at Nationals and having George Farah poke his head back stage and say to me wow you looked great.

What motivates and or inspires you to workout, diet and compete in fitness?

What motivates me to workout and diet is knowing that I almost had all this taken away from me by having cancer. Ill never forget that day of finding out and going to gym after words and just sitting there thinking I’m healthier than half the people in here and I have this sickness in my body and I walked out of the gym. I thought I was done. IT motivates me to see people that have real struggles make it happen in life. Hmm don’t really have any difficulties at all I just make it happen.Volume49i

What goal do you have in the sport and how does that relate to the rest of your life?

My goal in the sport is to obviously turn pro one day. I know my place and I know I have to put in my time. I truly enjoy competing and I enjoy seeing how far the body can go with your mind pushing it. It’s truly amazing how strong we really are if we will just put our minds to it and not give up. We can endure a lot more than we think we can. This relates to my life in how I love to help others achieve their goals physically and financially. I love to help others.

What do you think is the most misunderstood aspect of your lifestyle?

The most misunderstood aspect of my lifestyle is people never understand why I carry my food everywhere I go. I travel all the time for my job so I have to pack my food for a full week to keep up with my nutrition plan. People think oh just one meal won’t hurt. I just don’t want to risk it, my coach gives me plenty of food and clean cheats so I really don’t desire it.

What is the most comical or unusual comment someone has made to you? How did you deal with it?

-Hmmm most comical comment someone has made to me? I was once asked if I was a sprinter LOL or the best is when you’re in the middle of a set and someone wants to talk. I usually just laugh but if I’m in the middle of a set I will ignore you sorry.

What are your top six favorite workout songs?

Top six songs…wow, so many. Loni Musclepapa


Slipknot-people equal shit


Korn-yall want a single

5 finger death punch-Burn Mf

What is your favorite non athletic activity?

I don’t really have any non athletic activities but love going to concerts.

Preferred contact information:

Facebook -Chris schaub and

Instagram- chrisschaub2

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