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Bunk Gear or Just ‘Shitty’ Results?

Low Results on Sustanon-250 Cycle Raises Questions to Steroid User


This is Part Two in a series of Q & A interviews by the staff of MuscleSport Mag with an anonymous anabolic steroid user. M.T., a 37 year-old male, recently completed a 10-week cycle of Sustanon-250 and decided to sit down with us and share his results. This is by no means a recommendation to use performance-enhancing drugs, merely for informational purposes.

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MSM: So, you followed up the 12-week Deca cycle with 10 weeks of Sustanon-250. How much did you inject weekly?

MT: I was using 1-cc (250 mgs) twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. I know that a lot of guys recommend doing it every other day, but I could only get my hands on a 20-cc bottle and it would have ran out too quick then.

MSM: What did you start out with bodyweight wise?

MT: I was just over 205 and the weight fluctuated throughout the cycle. I was up to 210 at one point and finished right around there. The disappointing part for me was that I had a good four or five weeks left when I hit that number and couldn’t push past it.

MSM: How was the diet?

MT: The diet was excellent. I can’t hang any blame on the type of food I was eating or the amount of meals and calories. I ate tons of protein and spread the meals out well. I trained like an animal five days a week. I feel that I got enough sleep. So that is why I have doubts of the quality of the stuff I was using.

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MSM: Wasn’t this from the same source that you had good results with the Deca?

MT: That’s the thing. Yes, it was the same guy. The stuff was from the same lab and looked legit. No crappy labels and bad ink on the expiration date. Not your normal signs of bunk gear.

MSM: Now, you gained about the same amount of weight on Deca.

MT: Yea, but Deca is not Sust. I expected to put on at least 10 or more pounds from this cycle. I don’t think that is out of the question at all. The only thing that I can say is that I had a bit of a stomach issue and literally was shitting a good three, four or sometimes more a day. I may have lost a lot of that food I was taking in before it had a chance to do something.

MSM: Well, that sucks. There’s not much you can do about that. How about your measurements?

MT: I went up an inch all around. A little more in some areas, but I would estimate most of the gains to an inch. Arms look a little better, shoulders and legs, too. You know, some people I ran into said that I looked bigger, others didn’t mention anything. So it’s hard to go by that. But all in all, I did gain the five pounds and the inch here and there.

MSM: How about strength gains?

MT: Not as much as I would have liked or expected. That’s another reason why I’m questioning the shit. My bench stayed the same, squats went up a bit, pretty much the same everywhere else. That really didn’t go up, and with the test, you would figure that it would. But I’m not a young guy anymore, so I don’t go crazy with big weight. Could I have pushed it a bit more? I suppose so, but I’m not 20 and out to impress the next guy doing more weight than him. I found out that doing that only made the bones creak more the next day.

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MSM: Did you start your PCT yet?

MT: No, I have another week before that. Not sure which I am going to use. I have a bit left of the Nolvadex from the last cycle, and may hang on to that and use a test booster instead. I’m not even sure if this stuff was real or not, so why waste the good PCT stuff on it?

MSM: Does that mean that you’re going back in?

MT: Yea. I need to find out if this source is straight up or not. When I picked up the Sust, I also got a 20-cc bottle of Testosterone Enanthate. If I get fucked on that, then I know that this kid was full of shit all along. It’s just that the Deca was on the money and this will be the ‘swing vote,’ if you will. An expensive one at that, but as I said before, it’s not like you can go down to the corner store and get more. I guess that wouldn’t be true if you lived in Mexico.

MSM: Well, I hope that you get what you want out of that. How long before you start?

MT: I have to go through the PCT and then take at least a month or two off. I know it might be a waste of time if the shit was fake, but it can’t hurt to be patient.

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