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Want To Get Jacked? You Need the Right Fitness Equipment

The excuse game is over and it’s time to get in shape now. Waiting for winter to end will only prolong the inevitable, so get more than just a head start on your workout routine right now by either joining a gym or building your own fitness room in your house.

Perhaps a combination of the two works best in your scenario. You have time to hit the weights at the gym before work but have to get on the road before doing cardio. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own elliptical or treadmill at home that you can use whenever you wanted?

The options are endless with Unique Fitness Concepts, which has everything that you can think of when it comes to exercise equipment.

If you’re a gym owner (or member, and suggest this to them), there’s no way that you can bill yourself as being a bodybuilding gym without a plethora of benches – flat, incline and decline. So it is important to have some that are interchangeable.

Roll a flat bench into a Smith machine for four sets and then being able to change it into an incline for four more is a lot more convenient than having to do it twice.

Preset dumbbells ranging from five pounds to over 100 pounds in pairs is also essential. Racks with stickers indicating where they belong is also something that serious gym members want to see.

Plate trees are important for two reasons – to keep the weights off the gym floor (a no-no in old school gyms) and for the various sizes to be readily available for the members to get to and use.

These may sound like trivial things, but they add up and make a gym more of a home for the members than just a warehouse.

Photo by Andrzej Jaworski, AJ JAWA Photo

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